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Deborah: Atiku Abubakar and why votes are thicker than blood



Distressing pieces of bad news are everywhere. From the murder of Miss Deborah Samuel Yakubu by students of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto last Thursday, to the immediate distancing of Nigerian politicians from her killing, hope that a post-Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria will not be clone of its unjust and inequitable era seems to be fading. Between the Deborah murder, the political mockery on the political arena and the lack of regards for Nigerians by Nigerian rulers, two explainers respond to the distresses: They are the Sekere and the forest.

Sekere, the Yoruba musical instrument, is reputed never to be found wherever tears are being shed. Made of a gourd that is knitted round by beads and which its user twists, shakes or slaps to produce a medley of exciting sounds, Sekere and sorrow are strange bedfellows as this musical instrument can never be found in an assemblage of poets engaged in dirges. Proud of Sekere’s pedigree of being a springboard of joy and conviviality, Yoruba proudly thump their chests that Sekere does not cavort in an assembly of the downcast. Unlike the Sekere however, last week, and as it has been its wont, Nigeria again showed that Sekere’s antithesis excites it. From the political, the social, to the economic, the Sekere became a rare object in sight in Nigeria.

But the ululating sound of the Gbedu was everywhere. Before its virginity was violently taken off it by emerging trends of modernity, the Gbedu was a sacred drum that you found in groves of Ogboni secret cult adherents. Also known as the Ogido, the Gbedu belongs to one of the four major families of Yoruba drums. To set it aside as unique and underscore its sacredness, the Gbedu in ancient time was shawled by carvings of animals, birds and the phallus, which depicted its masculinity. During traditional sacrifice ceremonies, the Gbedu was brought out with blood sprinkled on its outward coverings of carvings and an assortment of sacrificial offerings is festooned round it which ranged from feathers of hens, sprinkles of palm wine and egg yolks.

As the week that just ended was meandering into its twilight, Northern Nigerian drummers went inside their bloodied groove to bring out and beat the Gbedu drum. The drum’s howling beat had hardly subsided when the female student, Deborah, was stoned to death and burnt like a ram in Sokoto. Her sin for deserving the fate of a ram in the abattoir was that she allegedly blasphemed the name of Muhammed, the Islamic prophet who died thousands of years ago.


Thereafter, the country was set on edge. Ordinarily, in a country where politicians strive to outdo one another in hypocritical scramble for the hearts of the people in the public square, Deborah’s murder was an opportunity for the political elite to wax lyrical in righteous indignation and casuistry. Press releases that are far distant from the dark groves of the politicians’ hearts are issued at an auspicious moment like this, written in emotion-laden language that points at their belief and desire for a better country.

As the news of Deborah’s murder filtered in on the social media last Thursday, it occasioned a scramble among, especially, presidential aspirants who are sprinting to Nigeria’s Aso Rock gate. You wouldn’t find any difference between their scramble and the one between 1881 and 1914, nicknamed the Scramble for and Partition of Africa, which resulted in its conquest. As Western European powers invaded Africa for the purpose of its annexation, these politicians also scrambled to share a chunk of the people’s hearts in the art of shedding crocodile tears over this bestial killing.

Serial presidential contender, Atiku Abubakar, would seem to have breasted the tape before anyone else. Couched in a distraught voice that spoke like a father and a nationalist genuinely touched and saddened by the barbarism, Atiku’s statement got to Twitter at exactly 12.20am on Friday morning and empathized admirably thus: “There cannot be a justification for such gruesome murder. Deborah Yakubu was murdered and all those behind her death must be brought to justice. My condolences to her family and friends”.

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In the language of Nigerian power, however, the above was not apropos. For Nigerian politicians, justice has no corresponding alphabet to politicking. So, when, a few minutes after the tweet, vultures that suck the flesh with their talons stained with blood, hopped on Twitter’s comment section threatening that, by that tweet, Atiku had lost their votes, with implicit threats that whenever he came to Sokoto, they would make him feel the pang of his infelicitous comment against Islam, it occurred to Atiku that votes were thicker than blood. One of them, going by the name, Otunba of Sokoto, told Atiku: “You just lost a million votes in Sokoto”.

That threat seemed to jolt the Turakin Adamawa who sprinted to delete the empathetic message.


While outrage gripped the land that had been painted with crimson, politicians, especially those seeking electors’ votes, weighed the ounces of their statements in empathy to Deborah. It took Vice President Yemi Osinbajo more than 24 hours before his comment came. As I write this, none has come from Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Even the president’s was steeped in the usual puritanical escapism associated with lame duck government statements. Even if it did, nobody would believe him. Buhari has run a government in the last seven years that is lean on justice against malefactors but lusciously rotund in cavalier grandstanding. “No person has the right to take the law into his or her own hands in this country. Violence has and never will solve any problem,” Buhari said.

Pray, why would a president, held to be an emblem of justice and equity, now be seeking to upstage the ecumenical cadences and spiritual narratives of the Imam or the pulpit sermon of the pastor? The animals of Sokoto go luscious because Nigeria has been a consequence-less country. It is worse under a man like Buhari who sees his first responsibility in Aso Rock as a defender of the Islamic faith. In virtually all continents of the world where human beings inhabit, you cannot rule out the tendency of some of our brothers extending their hands in a handshake to our ape brothers. This they do in an attempt to link up with their pre-historical mammalian ancestry. Wherever this occurs, flaunting the scorching fangs of the law, governments of such countries always come out to violently reset the brains of these apes. But we know that this won’t happen under this president. It has never happened. Buhari himself, as a presidential aspirant, had espoused this religious fundamentalism and crude lawlessness when he made reference to the blood of baboon and dogs.

Many people have been talking tongue-in-cheek since Deborah was murdered. The truth is that, Northern Nigeria is home to one of the most horrendous religious fundamentalism that the hapless people of Nigeria are forced to stomach. The killing of Deborah and reactions to it have proved very graphically that yoking the north and south together was one of the most fundamental errors of Nigeria’s nation-statehood. While a negligible percentage of northern purists shudder at this barbarism, millions others believe that religion and its tenets should take precedence over human life. This is the root of the fundamentalism that killed Deborah. It is sickening that in this 21st century, a people could be this dogmatically wedged to and rigidly affixed to an interpretation of scriptures, at the detriment of humanity. There is no difference between the religious fundamentalism and extremism of the Sokoto animal butchers who killed Deborah and the ones of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. They are both sired by and linked to negative outcomes such as prejudice, hostility or even armed conflict that religious fundamentalism brings.

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In southern Nigeria, the character of religion is more discerned and indeed discernible. What is my business if you blaspheme Jesus Christ? Am I His armour bearer? Or that you tore pages of the Bible and defecate on it? That is your business for which you will have your day with Him in judgment – if indeed there is one. Why should anyone seek martyrdom for foreign religions whose hereafter theologies are basically guesswork?

Christianah Oluwasesin, Grace Ushang, Gideon Akaluka and others after them are products of the useless martyrdom that some adherents of Islamic religion crave. Their claim for those horrendous murders was that the holy writ says they would be beatified if they kill their fellow beings. Oluwasesin got lynched in Gombe in 2007 by secondary school students. They had accused her of rubbishing the Qur’an. What happened was that, while invigilating an exam, she was confronted by cheating students. Irked, Oluwasesin snatched the paper from them. To her chagrin, she discovered that the leaflet was a Qur’an. She met her waterloo. Ushang, in 2009 in Maiduguri, got raped and murdered. Her sin? She had the effrontery of wearing the trousers of the NYSC. I remember that in Yelwa-Yauri in 1992, my female colleague corps members were almost lynched inside the Yauri market for wearing similar trousers. Gideon Akaluka was the precursor of the earlier two. He was beheaded in Kano in 1995. His sin too was disrespecting the Qur’an.


Bible and Quran, written thousands of years ago, must be made to adhere to the quests of today’s world. You cannot ask for an unthinkable adherence to a call to kill “infidels” written in an almost pre-historic era at a modern time like this. Whether in Christianity, Islam or any other faith, the moment you allow your brain to go on sabbatical while you read the writs of the faiths, you have become indistinguishable from an animal. The Bible or Quran cannot be bigger than humanity. Man was not made for religion but religion was made for man. Nothing weighs as hugely as humanity and its essence.

Aside the Deborah murder, there are other parallels to the strange weirdness that has gripped Nigeria in recent time. And the forest seems the most fitting description of where we have found ourselves. In Africa, the forest is not just a mosaic of long stretches of scary landscape, huge trees that seem to offer handshakes to one another; it is not merely the habitat where scary chirps of crickets and birds and animals are heard, neither is it just the abode of flaura and fauna. The forest is the place where the unexplained and the inexplicable live. If you doubt this, read the classics of D.O. Fagunwa. It is why hunters who make the forest their dwelling places, who suddenly get lost inside its strange labyrinth, are highly respected and venerated as superhuman. Hunters are reputed to tango, in a life and death battle, with strange and deadly animals, deploying their physical brawns and supernatural powers inherited from their forebears.

Our children have been at home for months now, no thanks to the ASUU-government imbroglio and no one seems to care. In the states of the north-central, north-east and north-west, there is a greater harvest of human bodies than they do annual crops. Hopelessness has seized the land like a pestilence. Yet, politicians are stone deaf and morbid dumb to this reign of crimson. All they do is muzzling and stampeding for political offices. We now have a canvass of serious contenders for positions and appointment-inspired declarations of intents. Billions of naira of government’s money and already stashed away cash are being floated in space to attain life-long ambitions of politicians while hunger persistently wracks the bellies of the people.

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In situating where we have found ourselves, I will go to the forest still to secure an explainer. Especially, for the cat-and-mouse game between the political and governmental elites and the people. When hunters go to the forest to hunt game, they use this peculiar, centuries-old expedition methodology that is aptly captured by the “we” and “them” bifurcation. The hunting crew encircles a forest which is believed to be the habitation of games – mongoose, impala, antelope and so on. Those with guns and cutlasses, with their weapons on the ready, are ranged at the front while the rest of the crew is saddled with the task of beating the bush with huge woods from the back.

With this, experience tells them that the animals will scramble out of their holes. When the animals thus try to escape, the armed hunting crew shoots them to death. At the close of the day when the whole crew gets home with their spoils and the animals are shared, the armed hunters, who do next to nothing but shoot, get what the Yoruba call the Itafa which consists of the meaty thighs and head. The yokel who beat the bush get the almost meat-less portions of the animal. Espousing the sense in not being a yokel, late Apala musician, Ayinla Omowura, sang that his opponents merely beat the bush in a hunt for games and he was the hunter with the gun who would coast home with the chunkiest meat – “E f’awon were sile…” he upbraided them. Resigning to fate in an unholy alliance as this, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, another musician of that age, sang that when given the bony back of the animal in this equation, it signified that he would see his enemies’ end, their back.


In the hunting for the goodness of the land of Nigeria, the elites – political, governmental, business etc – secure an unfair advantage over the generality of the people. In saner climes, that ambivalence by Atiku Abubakar should open the door out of the presidential race for him. It will however not, because this unfair dealing with the people is normal in elite-people tango. His scramble to explain this gaffe worsens the gravity of the deletion of the tweet. It is why justice, to the political and governmental elite, has dual colour. It is why murderers deserve empathy and the ones murdered do not. It is why Godwin Emefiele, Nigeria’s No 1 banker, could mock Nigerians that he was not bothered if they had heart attacks in their quest to have the best man to administer them. It is why Goodluck Jonathan could tell that humongous lie that Miyetti Allah bought him his presidential form on the platform of a party that tore the remnants of his credibility to shreds. It is why our votes, rather than our humanity, matter more to Atiku Abubakar, Tinubu and the rest political harlots. It is why Nigeria is not wired to be ruled by brainy but hare-brained politicians. It is why we are where we are.

By Festus Adedayo

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Wema Bank: Nigerian banks race to join CBN Too-Big-To-Fail (Part IV)



Note: Read ‘Institutional fraud and greed’ Nigerian banks race to join CBN Too-Big-To-Fail (Part 1), if you’re yet to do so.


In the heat of the global financial crisis, a regional bank with negative retained earnings in excess of N45billion appointed Segun Oloketuyi as Managing Director. Burdened with the bad fortunes of the bank and a global financial meltdown, Segun’s failure would have been quite excusable. But amazingly, his team led the bank to resurgence and national competitiveness within six years.

For over 70 years (Wema is proudly Nigeria’s longest surviving indigenous bank), Wema Bank was hardly known, strapped down by orthodox practices and inefficiencies, its fortunes however turned around when Oloketuyi’s team took on rigorous rebranding, branch remodeling, and fast digital transformation across its operations. Of all the strategies deployed, the pursuit of technology adoption soon prove to be the ace in the emergence of the new Wema.


Then enters Alat by Wema, Nigeria’s first fully digital bank and the bank’s springboard into exponential growth and industry leadership. ALAT was launched on May 2, 2017 and during its first year, it acquired more than 250,000 customers responsible for well over NGN 1.6bn ($4.48m) in general deposits. In 2018, the bank closed in the NGN 1bn ($2.78m) mark in terms of deposits into savings accounts.

It’s the digital age and majority of the world’s youthful population have grown in a highly disruptive world, hence they are early adopters of technology and lovers of change to status quo. Nigeria being a nation where 7 in every 10 persons are youths is definitely more likely to push on this trend. Therefore, it was a master stroke by Wema to run ahead of the time with this flagship product.

olusegun oloketuyi

Segun Oloketuyi, former CEO, Wema Bank Plc

In fact, the growth of fintech in Nigeria is traceable to the development of digital banking in the country, spear-headed by the establishment of ALAT by Wema, in 2017.

ALAT by Wema came at a period when many Nigerians felt it was almost impossible to open and operate a fully-functioning bank from a digital device without stepping into a banking hall. As of 2017, some forms of banking still required physical presence to complete, including KYC, account update, address change, etc. ALAT provided a banking solution that sped-up Nigeria’s digital banking growth.

The provision of seamless, paperless banking by ALAT and its efficiency witnessed immediate acceptance from Nigerians. Within a year of its launch, 250,000 accounts were opened with N1.6 billion in deposit. The bank has continued to yield growth, but what is of significance to the Nigerian fintech and digital banking space, is the trailblazing move that has changed the financial ecosystem.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 has further increased digital banking globally. According to Reuters, the pandemic increased the demand for digital banking in Nigeria as more and more people opt for online banking because of the lockdown and restriction on physical banking. This trend has continued into 2021 and is expected to carry on. The foresight and revolutionary presence of ALAT positioned it as an already tried and trusted system rather than a quick-fix solution coming onto the stage because of the pandemic.


Wema smartly productised banking, extricated it from its poor reputation and sailed it on the wind of change. Brilliant! The growth ever since has been enormous. The first quarter report of this year for the industry saw Wema leading as the Most Profitable Bank in Nigeria with a PAT growth of +119%! Commendable.

Freelanews Bureau of Investigation, FBI, has established in its earlier analysis the price of sporadic growth. Wema, its poster boy of digital transformation, and stupendous growth have come at a cost to the public. There are truth-wading allegations of fraud, data theft, breach of trust, money laundering, and sharp practices in the operations of the bank. For the sake of brevity we will x-ray a few below:

Unauthorised Account Opening/Customer Data pilferage

There have been several allegations from various people about unauthorised account opening by Wema bank on its ALAT platform. Though the bank have continued to deny these allegations, the most recent indictment comes with strong evidence that spots its complicity or maybe, compromise.

Peter Adebayo, a Nigerian researcher living abroad, recently accused Wema Bank of fraudulently opening an ALAT Bank account in his name without his authorisation.

Peter narrated that his mother called him on May 3, 2022 to ask if he had opened a new account with the bank, but he thought it was nothing to be worried about.


He also thought the message the bank sent was a mistake until he tried sending money to the said account number.

“While trying to confirm whether the account was real or not, it brought out my name,” he said.

“I immediately sent Wema Bank an email that I had never opened an account with the bank and had authorised no one to open a bank account in my name.

“Wema Bank later sent me an auto response acknowledging receipt of my mail. Fast forward to today, I checked again and the account still exists. I got mad, so I reached out to them on WhatsApp.”

He stated that he was stunned on hearing what the bank told him, because that signaled to him that someone might have used his details to either receive a ransom or launder money.


“I am concerned about how my information has been used by Wema Bank and I need a detailed explanation about the account, including all the transactions that have been performed on it,” he said.

After reaching out to Wema Bank on WhatsApp, the bank told Adebayo ‘that someone who had his information opened the account on his behalf’.

He stated that he was stunned on hearing what the bank told him, because that signaled to him that someone might have used his details to either receive a ransom or launder money.

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“I am concerned about how my information has been used by Wema Bank and I need a detailed explanation about the account, including all the transactions that have been performed on it,” he said.

“Now, Wema Bank wants to close the account since I have been asking them questions. I already have an existing account with Wema Bank, which I opened in October. I recently traveled out of Nigeria and I cannot go to the bank to do certain things. I did not sign up for any account.”

screenshot 2022 08 17 at 23 42 03 wema bank twitter search twitter

Another victim of unauthorised account opening

The proliferation of this nefarious activities have elicited reaction from the government. The Federal Government through the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has queried Wema Bank Plc over illegal banking practices in the country.

This comes after allegations that the bank and its agents have been opening unauthorized accounts for customers with information sourced from their Bank Verification Number (BVN) details.

The Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) has also announced the commencement of an investigation into Wema Bank’s activities following the alleged data breach and illegal opening of accounts by the bank.

Babatunde Bamigboye, Head of Legal, Enforcement, and Regulations Lead at the NDPB announced the development in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement said, “Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (the Bureau) has commenced investigations into reports of a breach of data privacy involving two major data controllers in Nigeria, namely, Wema Bank PLC and KC Gaming Networks (Bet9ja). This is in line with Section 37 of the 1999 Constitution and the provisions of Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019 – particularly Articles 2.1(2)-(3), 2.6, and Article 4 of the NDPR.”

The above allegation sort of point to one question; is Wells Fargo Wema Bank’s playbook?

Mystery around N1.7billion ‘Erroneous’ loan disbursement to Shibahlwells

News broke in February, 2022 of the arraignment of one Isaac Adewole, a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Kingsley Ananwede, a staff of Wema Bank on allegations of money laundering, etc. The stories that got into the media got this narrative journey:

Part One (22 February to 22nd March, 2022): report, investigation and charge to court

    • Timi Popoola reports Isaac Adewole, Wema Bank to Area G on suspicion of fraudulent transactions on a loan account his property is tied to as collateral
    • Case is investigated and substance is found against Wema and Shibahwells Energy, Isaac Adewole’s company. Review of bank statement account shows that five large transfers are found questionable.
    • All companies that the statement named as sender of those funds were contacted and denied any such transaction originating from them
    • Adewole insisted the transfers were error by Wema bank and were reversed.
    • Police takes the fact that the reversals were done in smaller chunks and to different accounts as evidence to press money laundering charges
    • Case was charged to court in Ogba
Details of the story

Investigating Police Officer remarked, “He used his neighbour’s house for collateral of the loan which was granted to him and promised to return it within six months. But three years after, the man approached him for his house document and that was when he told him of the fraudulent act. He said the bank paid N1.7 billion into the account using different multinational companies like Dana Airlines, Caverton helicopter and two others, one N300 million, one N270 million, one 600 million and like that, it’s only one of the transactions that they didn’t put a name there.

“Guess what they do after, they now moved that N1.7 billion from Adewole’s accounting into different bank accounts in tranches. Like the one I told you —N600 million, they immediately put it in another account in form of N150 million, 100 million, N100 million, N90 million. The pastor’s account is known as Shibawells Energy Limited. The one for Dana that they moved N160 million to, that was how they did it too, they immediately sent it to another account in smaller units as well.

“He has a partner, we called him and realised he wasn’t aware of the transaction. He was shocked, he realised the statement presented to him was forged to hide the fraudulent transaction.”

According to Adewole’s statement of account obtained by SaharaReporters, on January 28 2021, via transaction ID No: M35660, he received the sum of N424,811,000 from Caverton, N160,000,000 from Dana and N630,000,000 from Beam Energy, all with the same transaction number.


On June 18, 2021, via transaction ID No: M104031, the pastor received the sum of N300,000,000 via NIP transfer from an undisclosed account source.

Also on same June 18, 2021, via transaction ID No: M104031, Adewole received the sum of N270,000,000 from Messrs Morrifoil Oil and Gas Ltd., all totaling N1,784,811,000.

Investigating Police Officer establishes substance…

“To determine whether fraud or money laundering has occurred by these established facts, the account officer of Shibahwells in WEMA Bank PLC., one Kingsley Ananwede ‘m’ was invited and questioned. It was established that he worked in concert with other staff of WEMA Bank who are at large and the MD/CEO of Shibahwells Energy Limited to carry out the fraudulent activities on the accounts.

“This is shown by the facts that the funds deposited were not removed in that order or the sums deposited but carefully removed in different tranches as it is shown on the account statements. For his own part, Adewole refused to cooperate with the investigations but instead, did everything he could, to assist the bank in covering up. So it was decided that the case be referred to the Lagos State Ministry of Justice for Legal Advice.

Part Two: Adewole’s Reaction

In a petition to the Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Adewole, who is also the Managing Director of Shibawells Energy said the N1.7 billion transfer to his loan account was made in error and was reversed immediately.

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He accused Popoola, who he used his property as part of the collateral to secure the loan at the bank of planning to use the error to “embarrass one of its Executive Directors over some unresolved personal feud.”

Isaac Adewole said through his lawyers…

“To meet Timi Popoola’s demand, Shibahwells approached Wema Bank with a request to withdraw Timi Popoola’s title documents from the loan obligation and to replace same with other security to be provided by the Star Orient/Shibahwells joint venture. Some of the letters by Shibahwells to Wema Bank in this regard are attached as ANNEXURE 4. In response, Wema Bank called for a reconciliation of the loan account with a view to determining the extent of Shibahwells’ indebtedness to the bank. A consultant nominated by the bank was engaged to carry out the reconciliation of Shibahwells’ loan account and in the course of that reconciliation, the consultant discovered that the loan account had been erroneously credited and debited with some funds at different times/dates.

“The consultant brought this discovery to our client’s attention and also notified Wema Bank. In reaction, Wema Bank stated that the said bank transfers into the loan account were made in error and that the same was reversed immediately on each occasion the erroneous transfers occurred. On one occasion while our client was spending time with Timi Popoola and Lanre Bamgbose, a shareholder and director in Star Orient; the issue of erroneous funds transfer to Shibahwells loan account came up for discussion whereupon each person expressed different views as to the likely origin of the funds. Our client used this opportunity to clear the doubts by informing both Timi Popoola and Lanre Bamgbose that Wema Bank had already confirmed that the transfers were made into the loan account in error and that same were reversed immediately.

“To our client’s shock, Timi Popoola furiously stated that he was going to leverage the bank’s error to embarrass one of its Executive Directors over some unresolved personal feud. Our client immediately pleaded with Timi Popoola not to toe this path of blackmail, especially since posting funds across customers’ bank accounts was typically not part of the responsibility of a bank’s Executive Director. The conversation ended on this note.


“With a settled expectation that the doubts around the erroneous bank transfers had been resolved, our client was surprised to receive an invite from Area G Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Ogba, Lagos on 5th November 2021. Upon honouring the police invitation on 8th November 2021, our client was informed that Timi Popoola had reported a case of suspected money laundry activities perpetrated by our client and Wema Bank.”

“During the meeting with ACP Ibrahim Zungura, our client was asked questions relating to the inflows and outflows on the Shibahwells loan account with Wema Bank. In particular, ACP Ibrahim Zungura cajoled our client to cooperate with the police so that the matter would be dispensed with at the Area G Command. Our client volunteered a written statement disclosing all he knows about the erroneous inflows and outflows on the Shibahwells loan account.

Part Three: Media reports that case has been quashed

In a pattern of smart crisis communications, several news platforms published stories of how the case have been quashed by the court. The stories on Nairametrics, Guardian, ThisDay, Vanguard,,, instablog, and other top blogs carried the same narrative.

Below is an excerpt from Instablog:

A Lagos Magistrates Court sitting at Ogba, Ikeja has struck out money laundering charges brought against Isaac Adewole, MD, Shibahwells Energy and a staff of Wema Bank Plc, Kingsley Ananwude for lack of merit.

Magistrate A.O. Layinka (Mrs.) discharged the defendants and struck out the charge following the Legal Advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Lagos State that no prima facie case has been established against them.


It will be recalled that the defendants were arraigned in Court on February 9, 2022, in Charge No. MIK/B/6/2022–Commissioner of Police vs. Adewole Isaac & Kingsley Ananwude, for alleged stealing and money laundering involving N1.7billion.

After pleading not guilty, the Court granted the defendants bail and then adjourned the case till March 15, 2022, for trial.

On Tuesday March 15, 2022, when the case was mentioned in Court, Magistrate Layinka (Mrs.) discharged the defendants and struck out the charge for lack of Merit after relying on the Legal Advice from the Office of the DPP, Office of the Attorney General of Lagos State/Ministry of Justice.

In the Legal Advice signed by the DPP of Lagos State (a copy of which was sighted by our correspondent), the DPP after an extensive review of the duplicate case file provided by the police authority, stated that the defendants were arrested based on rumours by one Timi Popoola and nothing more.

The DPP further stated that there is insufficient evidence to predicate the offences upon which a crIminal charge was brought before the Court.


Further investigations into the case revealed that the criminal charge of alleged stealing and money laundering involving N1.7billion and the media hysteria that followed were at the instance of Timi Popoola.

It will be recalled that the same Timi Popoola in a similar fashion sometime in February 2021, used the police to settle personal scores with Mr. Ayobami Olubiyi, the Chairman of Peace Valley Zone in Magodo G.R.A Phase 2, Lagos.


Sponsored narrative and the effort to discredit Timi Popoola

The news of the court quashing the case was rolled out with an objective in mind. For those who understand crisis communication and reputation management in PR, it is quite easy to spot the pattern of a sponsored narrative. When all media houses (traditional and new) publish a sponsored press release, it is not without a trail. In our effort to establish this, we combed through all platforms where the news was published and as it is always the case, there was one that did a poor job – Instablog.

Instablog did not only publish the release, it also did the copy that was sent to its editorial from the office of the MD of Shibahwells Energy. See below image.



You may argue that it is necessary for such communication to come out to ‘set the record straight’, but a further digging into the communications of Shibahwell Energy shows that they are not the kind of organization given to marketing communication, or maybe a deliberate strategy to stay stealth?

However you want to judge it, we can at least agree that the communication was very well sponsored, i.e., people got paid to tell the story, exactly like Adewole and Shibahwells Energy wanted.

The mysterious identity of Isaac Adewole and Shibahwells Energy

Talking about Shibahwells (or is it Shibawells) Energy, until this case got into public view, nothing was known of it. In fact, a simple Google search returns, absolutely nothing! That company is basically non-existence online. In fact, going by the email address seen on the press release, the closest link to an online source of information (, we tried to access the url but it returned nothing. A domain name search returned that the domain names and are available, which means they are currently not registered or owned by anybody.

More importantly noteworthy, for this organization there is no known address, social media account, contact, etc. Simply no source of information online for a company with businesses in hundreds of million. This is either from a total disdain for PR and Marketing Communications or a deliberate decision to remain unknown, untraceable, and unfathomable, which brings us to the identity of the owner of the company, Isaac Adewole.

Who is Isaac Adewole?

Trying to identify this individual is a job only suitable for detectives. From all the communications that surrounds this case, he went by the name Isaac Adewole. But a Freelanews research on him identifies him as Isaaki Trenchard Adewole, thanks to the British records (see image below).



Nigerian records of businesses by the name Shibah, shows the name Isaak Adewole Trenchard as a director. Star Orient, a company Isaac Adewole referred to as a partner in his reaction to the allegations, published on the website in October 2020 a new article welcoming one Isaac Trenchard Adewole to their board;

“We are pleased to welcome Mr. Trenchard Isaac Adewole and Col Richard Westley (rtd) OBE to Star Orient at such a challenging but yet exciting time…”.

By the way, Start Orient have a functioning website.

But most records outside Nigeria identify him as Isaaki Trenchard Adewole, and link him as director of companies in the UK, Netherlands, etc.

It may be dismissed that Adewole’s varying identity could be the result of ‘errors’ by other people, well that is the similar alibi for the suspicious transactions from Wema. It is quite strange that a business man of that class has no identity online, not even a photograph, beyond mention in the case in question.

Most of the bodies of knowledge that study identity fraud always flag when an individual consistently use different names in different locations and/or communications. In fact, it has been established that false identities are often used by organized crime to access goods and services or to participate in money laundering.

Silence on the materiality of probable fraud, money laundering on Wema

We may not be in a position to review or argue the Legal Advice of the Director of Public Prosecution, but would like to point out that on the said matter (alleged) the materiality of the suspicious funds transfer is material enough to place Wema Bank on stringent investigation. Some points to ponder upon are:

    • It is very strange that a bank would have erroneously credited large sums of money to one lone account on five occasions.
    • It is too much coincidence that the names of the transfers are all suitable customers of Star Orient, a partner of Shibahwells on the loan account. All companies denied having a record or an idea about the transactions
      ⦁ It is very much suspicious that the said reversals were smaller transfers to several other accounts and not wholesome reversal against the balance of Wema bank HQ

The above-stated activities are risk indicators of money laundering. There are some well-known elements that could indicate vulnerabilities to laundering. In 2021, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) listed a list of trade-based money laundering risk indicators. One of such is Account and Transaction Risk Indicators.

Risk indicators for money laundering may include trading entities that conduct a high volume of transactions albeit in line with their stated business objectives. It may also include trading entities that receive large money deposits that are immediately transferred to other accounts without apparent justification, and payments made for imports by parties other than the account holder. The originating party should be subjected to a background test. Multiple cash deposits in quantities that fall just shy of the reporting thresholds are also risk indicators.

Some question begging for answers

  • Who is Isaac Adewole?
  • Is the facts of the allegations not an Account and Transaction Risk Indicator in Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance Process?
  • Permit that such huge transactions were done in error, what does this tell about Wema Bank internal control system?
  • How is it possible to make such ‘error’ on five occasions, spoofing with the names of multinationals in similar industries (perfect customer profile of Shibahwells Energy/Star Orient)?
  • Who is covering who, the bank, the directors, or some highly powerful vested interests?

On to the next one; Zenith Bank.

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A standing ovation for Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu (Photos)



Many years ago, juju maestro, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye,  popularly known as King Sunny Ade thrilled Nigerians with a particular track that is more relevant today than it was when aired – Bibiire Kose Fowora. The song was to honour Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, the Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos. The track, “Biibire Kose Fowora” loosely translates as “A noble birth is not something to be bought”.

There is no doubt that Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos, Her Royal Highness, Dr Abiola Dosunmu, a highly distinguished woman, has used the privilege of her birth to impact her community, the yoruba race and the world at large.

It is thus not surprising that the revered monarch, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II recently crowned her Yeye Oodua of the source; Queen Mother of the House of Oduduwa. This is a testament to her contributions promoting commerce, art, science, sport, culture, education, research, charity, poverty alleviation and other societal causes too numerous to mention.

In an elaborate ceremony that took place on Friday, July 22, 2022, at the palace of the Ooni in Ile Ife, Osun State in the presence of dignitaries from all walks of life, Erelu Dosunmu was formally decorated with her new title. This was followed by traditional prayers and a cultural festival at the Erelu Abiola Foundation on Lagos Island. Subsequently a thanksgiving mass was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Victoria Island, Lagos followed by the grand reception at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

Yeye Oodua, HRH, Erelu Dr. Abiola Dosunmu

The events were attended by top figures in Yorubaland including Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Otunba Gbenga Daniel former governor of Ogun State, HRM Oba Alayeluwa Saheed Ademola Elegushi amongst others.

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In his remarks, Ooni noted that Erelu is a woman who has done a lot to propagate the Yoruba culture and unify the tribe. It should be noted that by her title, Erelu Dosunmu, is the mother of kings (Oba of Lagos), both past and present. Born a princess, she went on to become the queen mother and queen regent of Lagos. Beyond being a mere title, her position is recognised by the government in the same first-class category of monarchs according to the laws of Lagos State.

According to the history books, the first Erelu Kuti started the dynasty the men are currently enjoying. She was a queen but gave her crown to her son, and the direct descendants have been reigning for 400 years. A goal-getter from an early age, Erelu Dosunmu is also an advocate for gender parity, women’s development, women empowerment, and leadership.

Considering her endowments, many would have expected her to be involved in partisan politics, but she stated that her title bars her from doing that. She said, “I am the Erelu Kuti of Lagos and the title is recognised by the chieftaincy laws of Lagos State. It bars me from active politics. At the time I took up the title, there weren’t many Nigerians, outside the traditional rulers, who were involved in traditional institutions.

“I saw it as an important platform to make a difference, especially because I had lived a greater part of my life abroad and I had come to appreciate my identity, in terms of my culture and tradition.

When I became the Erelu, I worked hand-in-hand with the king and we were visible, making interventions in government affairs. If the king could not be somewhere, I would represent him. It was a beautiful collaboration between the government and traditional institutions.”

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Speaking on the significance of the Erelu title, she said, “Being Erelu is not just about being beautiful, for the last 20 years of the late King of Lagos, Oba Adeyinka Oyekan II, I was one of his closest confidantes. It is a three-in-one title― Erelu Kuti, Erelu of Lagos, and Erelu Oba. The Erelu’s duties include advising the king on social matters, advising him on people deserving of titles, making sure things run well at the palace, and all those are in the gazette of the chieftaincy laws of the state.”

It should be recalled that Erelu Kuti was a member of the first Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 3 to 14, 1992. She was also a part of the negotiations for foreign debt cancellation for Nigeria during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration and Chairman of the Lagos State Tree Planting and Beautification Committee. Other worthy  of note affiliations include the Institute of International affairs as well as representing Nigeria at environmental summits.

It is also to her credit that she revolutionised the traditional Aso Oke sector to become the multi-million dollar industry it is today. Many years ago, she established a shop on Bond Street, London, United Kingdom to promote aso oke. The renowned fashion designer, Adebayo Jones, worked with her as an intern then. So good was she in showcasing aso oke that even people from the Middle East were excited about the traditional fabrics.

A woman of many parts, she also has a title from the Royal Kingdom of Belgium. Speaking on how the title came about, she once said, “When Lagos State was the capital of the country, the diplomatic community was usually welcomed by the palace of the Oba of Lagos. It was my portfolio to receive ambassadors, entertain them, show them around, and provide whatever they needed in terms of enlightenment. Those activities got me involved with the diplomatic community.”

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Over the years, Erelu Dosunmu has interacted with presidents and high-ranking officials from different countries. For those who haven’t followed her life religiously, little is said about her humanitarian strides. One of the many high points of ERAF was the rehabilitation of street children and school dropouts. An avowed philanthropist, she has often spoken about her passion for helping the underprivileged. It was to further this objective that she established the Erelu Abiola Foundation, which has contributed positively to the lives of many members of society.


When Erelu Dosunmu smiles, the world smiles along with her, not because everything is perfect but because in her, they see a woman who has over the years rebirthed herself into what she is today.

Oluwatosin Ojebisi contributed this piece from Lagos

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