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T20i cricket: Nigeria loses to Uganda after three consecutive wins



The Nigerian women’s cricket team, Female Yellow-Greens, on Sunday, lost for the first time in the ongoing 8th Kwibuka women’s T20 international tournament to Uganda by nine wickets.

The loss cut the Nigerian team’s statistics to three wins in four matches and made them second on the overall table.

Reacting to the defeat, Leke oyede, Nigeria’s coach, said all the games played so far were a learning curve for his team.

“We have learnt from the wins and also from our loss to Uganda. I believe this will give us more things to work on as we prepare for other matches,” Oyede said.


I am very proud of the players as they have made my work and my assistant a lot easier.

Nigeria’s campaign at the tournament has been impressive with convincing wins against Brazil, Germany and Botswana to top the table before Sunday’s loss to Uganda.

Monday is a rest day while Nigeria is due to meet Kenya on Tuesday at the Gahanga Stadium where they beat Germany on Friday.

“I will not make promises. I know we would have gotten enough rest and analysed our chances against the Kenyans before we face them,” the coach added.

On his part, Uyi Akpata, president of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, said the Female Yellow-Greens deserve lots of supports and accolades.


“We have seen them improve tremendously from the last outing at the NCF Women’s T20 Invitational in Lagos and I believe the least they deserve is our support. It doesn’t really matter much how it turns out. It is a very good thing to have beaten two big teams that are ranked over us by the International Cricket Council,” Akpata said.

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In other matches played on Sunday, host Rwanda got its second win of the tournament, beating Germany.

They had earlier lost to Uganda and Kenya after beating Brazil.

The Rwandans will hope to improve on their chances at the trophy on Tuesday when they take on Tanzania at the IPRC Pitch. Tanzania has played only three matches against Botswana, Uganda, and Kenya, winning all to top the table ahead of Nigeria.

Nigeria will take on Tanzania on Wednesday and will finish off the round-robin stage with a tie against perennial rival Rwanda on Thursday at the IPRC Oval.


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Otunba Gbenga Daniel discusses progress on the establishment of aviation school in Ogun, SW Devt Commission bills



Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former Governor of Ogun State and a current Senator has provided updates on two significant legislative initiatives: the South West Development Commission Bill and the establishment of an aviation college in Ogun State.

Daniel expressed satisfaction with the progress of both projects, highlighting their alignment with broader development goals for the region.

He outlined the strategic vision behind the proposed aviation college, linking it to the ongoing development of the airport project in Ogun State.

The idea for the aviation school gained momentum during his campaign, spurred by interactions with students from a technical college near Akaka.


“We are moving and we are quite satisfied. The aviation school that we conceptualized has been part of our master plan for the airport project and in the course of our campaign; we were waylaid by students of that school. It is a technical college. They waylaid and said look, OGD you are passing by here but in this place, there is nothing going on.

“As God will have it, the runway terminates around Akaka. We then said this is the aviation school that we’ve been thinking of, this is it. We tap into that because we also know that there are challenges with money and budgets. So in that location there is already infrastructure. There are buildings, very few students, underutilized facilities and here we are, we now have an airport which by the special grace of God, the new governor appears to have gone very far with the completion. So pronto, we can’t have it better.”

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Emphasising the need to train people about aviation in all ramifications, the former governor elaborated on the broader vision of creating an “Aerotropolis,” a city designed around the airport that would include facilities for hangar construction, warehouses, and other aviation-related services.

“What we have done, many people did not know, the airport that we planned is not just an airport, it’s a big city. We call it Aerotropolis. An Aerotropolis is a city which contains facilities for everything – hangar construction, warehouses, all sorts of things – and all of that.

“But when we were conceptualising it, we actually called it an agrocargo airport and that’s what actually decided the location, that that location is equidistant to Lagos,Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode and Ibadan. We had planned that, from that location, people will bring their agricultural products there and it can be an export zone. So that was what we planned. So all of those things that have not happened, it’s just part of our master plan and God has just given us the grace”


He expressed optimism about the project’s legislative progress, noting that the bill had recently passed its second reading and was on track for a public hearing.

“By the grace of God, last two weeks it was gazetted. That is the second reading and we think that with that one, the next thing is now for it to be subject to a public hearing.

“That is one bill that there was no need for any serious take-off grant. Unlike some other bills, this is just a low-hanging fruit, and we’re happy that, by the grace of God, that will come true,” he said.

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Turning to the South West Development Commission Bill, the lawmaker acknowledged its prior iterations and the renewed determination to see it through.

“The Southwest Development Commission Bill, of course, is not a new bill per se. It had been initiated in the past, but due to one thing or the other, it didn’t go beyond the second reading,” he explained.


However, this time around, there is a stronger consensus on the necessity of the commission.

Daniel highlighted the importance of the commission in fostering regional development, echoing calls for restructuring based on Nigeria’s six administrative zones.

“People from each of the zones with a common destiny, common economic boundaries, common electoral affinities, common industrial or commercial activities, should be able to come together and look at things that are important to them, to be able to develop those peculiar things that are common to them, and get the federal government to support it,” he articulated.

The creation of the South West Development Commission aligns with similar initiatives for other regions, promoting economic units that reflect Nigeria’s zonal structure.

Daniel expressed hope and determination that the bill would succeed, reflecting a broader trend of regional development efforts supported by federal recognition and resources


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Otunba Gbenga Daniel clarifies why The Compass Newspaper was established, lists achievements as Ogun governor



Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has clarified the motivations behind the establishment of The Compass newspaper, denying any intentions of using the platform to oppose Senator Bola Tinubu.

In an interview the former governor granted a national newspaper, Daniel addressed these misconceptions and highlighted the extensive developmental work undertaken during his tenure, much of which he felt was underreported.

Reflecting on the media landscape during his governance, he stated, “I took over from a newspaper mogul, Chief Olusegun Osoba, and I was not expected to get good press. The sympathy was really not with me; it was with my predecessor. People thought I would crash within a few weeks.”

Facing persistent negative press, Daniel felt compelled to create a media outlet to accurately document and publicize his administration’s achievements.


He emphasized that the establishment of The Compass was a strategic move to counteract biased media coverage rather than a tool for political vendetta.

“We needed to have a platform to also record what we were doing. We did a lot of work that people still do not know,” he explained.

Daniel lamented the lack of social media at the time, which would have allowed for more direct communication with the public without reliance on traditional media channels.

“Unfortunately, we did not have the level of social media that we have today. If that existed, nobody would need the traditional media.

“But you know, you people at that time, once you blocked us, you blocked us here, you blocked us there, I was finished (laughs). If we were working 24-7, nobody would see this. They would say you are not working because you people have blocked everybody. So that was what happened.

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“I’m not a newspaper person. But, at that stage, we needed to have a platform to also record what we were doing. We did a lot of work that people still do not know.

“For instance, we are thanking our current governor for now working on the (cargo) airport. But this was part of our master plan, which we decided, we did everything we needed to do, we got all the approvals before we left. But you people (press) will not report it.”

“We secured three free trade zones in Ogun State. The Olokola Free Trade Zone, which is where Dangote Refinery was supposed to be but because you people did what you had to do, we lost that one to Lagos. But I said to people, well, Lagos is still the same. If it’s lost to Lagos, it’s fine.

“In any case, where we wanted to put it is inside Ijebuland. All these places where they are in Lekki is still part of Ijebuland, under Lagos. So we’ve not lost anything.

He also said the Kajola Transportation Free Trade Zone, and the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone, were all initiatives under his administration. These zones were designed to boost industrialization and economic growth in the region.


Daniel also pointed out the numerous educational institutions established during his tenure, including the Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic in Ijebu-Igbo, the Gateway Polytechnic in Sapade, the Tai Solarin University of Education, and several others. He stressed the transformative impact these institutions had on the state’s educational landscape.

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“You’ll be shocked if I tell you that in the course of our administration, we established probably about seven tertiary institutions and campuses. I can count for you. We established Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu-Igbo. We established the Gateway Polytechnic in Sapade. We established another one in Igbesa and another one in Itori. We established the Tai Solarin University of Education. We established the School of Nursing in Ilaro. We took the old Tai Solarin College of Education to Omu. It’s now known as Sikiru Adetona College of Education in Omu. We established Gateway Industrial & Petrochemical Institute (GIPI) in Oni. What didn’t we do? But you people didn’t report it.”

In terms of industrialization, Daniel noted the development of the Sagamu Interchange area into a major industrial hub.

“That axis now is probably the biggest industrial zone in the country. Companies like Nestle, Coleman Cables, CTK, and the biggest international breweries are now located there. It is the fastest-growing industrial arena in the entire country,” he said.

Addressing the media directly, Daniel humorously added, “There’s a whole lot that you people refused to report for us.”


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‘My kind of politics is different’ Otunba Daniel speaks on Senate President Akpabio’s candidacy



Otunba Engr. Olugbenga Daniel, former Governor of Ogun State and current Senator has categorically denied allegations that he did not support Senator Godswill Akpabio’s candidacy for the Senate Presidency in June last year.

Addressing these claims, Daniel described them as baseless fabrications typical of the political landscape.

During an interview, Daniel clarified his longstanding and cordial relationship with Akpabio, stating that he had given his full support to Akpabio’s bid for Senate leadership.

“Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Senate President, is somebody that I have known and have had a first-class relationship with for decades. In fact, he was here in my house and we had discussed, and of course, he had 100% of my support,” he explained.


Daniel expressed disappointment over the misleading narratives and unfounded accusations that have become a part of political maneuvering in Nigeria.

He emphasized that his political approach is inclusive and that he maintains relationships with various political figures regardless of factional lines.

“People think that, oh, because you are supporting somebody, you cannot talk to somebody else. I don’t think that’s the way it should be,” he noted.

Highlighting his connections with other contenders for the Senate Presidency, Daniel mentioned his affiliations with Orji Kalu and Senator Abdulaziz Yari, both of whom he has known through various political and professional capacities.

“I think the mistake people are making is that my own politics is a bit different and I don’t grandstand maybe because I’ve seen it all. People think that, oh, because you are supporting somebody, you cannot talk to somebody else. I don’t think that’s the way it should be.

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“All the people who wanted to be Senate president were my colleagues in a way. Some of them were governors. Orji Kalu was governor and an ally. I think between 2007 and 2011, we sat at the cabinet together. The other main contestant Senator Abdulaziz Yari from Zamfara, was at some point a Governor. I happened to be the Deputy Chairman of the former Governor’s Forum.”

The former governor of Ogun State pointed out the flawed logic behind the allegations, noting that his interactions with other candidates were misinterpreted.

“When people like that come looking for me, people may say, ah, we saw this man going there, therefore… They don’t even know whether what I was telling them was to support Akpabio. So it is part of the bad politics that our people play. There was absolutely nothing like that,” he remarked.

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