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Police detectives have foiled the alleged plans by the Manager of Ecobank PLC, Oke Afa branch, Ejigbo area of Lagos, to use the property of a late elderly man, who died and was buried in 2018 as collateral by an imposter.

At the time the alleged scam happened, the family stated that elder James Oladipo Sodehinde had died since the 3rd day of September, 2018 and was buried on the 26th day of October 2018 at the African Church Cathedral, Owu, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

However, the scam got exposed and the family has now instituted legal action against Ecobank and one Gregory Odutayo said to have conspired with the Bank Manager to use the house documents as collateral in order to secure a loan.

In the suit filed by the family’s Counsel, Barrister Adejumo Omobolaji Jubril, before Lagos Court, the family is asking for N10m general damages for the trauma the defendants made the complainants to suffer during the period to secure their property back.

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Pa James Sodeinde, the late customer

In the suit filed by Olurotimi Sodehinde on his behalf and that of the children of their late father, Pa James Sodeinde, seeks to establish that the defendants wrongly and negligently placed wrong encumbrance on the claimant’s property at the land registry in Ibadan, Oyo State. And N10m damages jointly and severally against the defendants for legal fees, emotional pains and anxiety the claimants suffered over wrong encumbrance place on the property heredited by the claimants.

In the statement of claims on the suit with number MCL/577/2022, the claimant stated as follows:

The claimant and their family had appointed D-P Dupe Ogunbosi & Co Estate Surveyors & Valuers as their agent to sell the said hereditament.

That the 2nd Defendant had earlier shown interest to purchase the said hereditament situate at SW8/1285 Sodehinde Street, off Antani Road, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo state.

Photocopies of the title document were given to the 2nd Defendant thereafter he stopped contacting the claimant family or their agent.
On or about the 10th day of June 2021 another prospective buyer, Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited, contacted the 1st claimant’s agent with respect to the said property.

The said prospective buyer conducted a search at the land’s registry and thereafter called off the transaction, he however informed the claimant’s agent that the property is encumbered.

The said prospective buyer brought a report which among other things shows that:


The property is located at Plot 6 Ring Road, South West Ibadan, Oyo State.

Conveyance dated 5/08/1963 by Olu Ayoola to Akanni Olaosebikan registered as 34/34/687 dated 31/10/1969 and later transferred to Sodehinde registered 22/22/1163.

Certified true copy of the conveyance was issued to Dele Olomola & Co on behalf of ECOBANK Nigeria Ltd for perfection of legal mortgage dated 22/01/2021.

The 1st Defendant by an email emanating from Okereke Vanessa ( of the legal and regulatory unit of the 1st defendant bank instructed the law firm of Dele Olomola & Company to conduct a search on the Claimant hereditament without any legal basis or need.

That towards perfecting the brief the said Dele Olomola on behalf of the bank deposed to an affidavit dated the 14th day of January 2021.


That the said Dele Olomola on behalf of the 1st Defendant made averments to the effect that Mr. Ladipo James Sodehinde the grantee and holder of the land situateat plot 6 femi ayoola layout ring road Ibadan was at the bank to negotiate legal mortgage and has submitted a copy of the title document to the 1st defendant for legal search and verification.

That at all times material of this action elder James Oladipo Sodehinde had died and he had since died since the 3rd day of September 2018 and had been buried since the 26th day of October 2018 at the African Church Cathedral, Owu, Abeokuta.

The claimant will contend at the trial of this suit that the 2nd Defendant acting in concert with staffs of the 1st Defendant Bank at its Oke-Afa branch, whose identifies are unknown to claimant and who are acting under the control and direction of the 1st Defendant in the performance or purported performance of their duties criminally misrepresented to the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development of Oyo State that the deceased Elder Sodehinde approach the 1st Defendant for a loan.

That acting in reliance on the application of Dele Olomola & Company and the affidavit in support of application for application for CTC on behalf of the 1st Defendant and not otherwise the Ministry of lands, housing & urban development issued to the 1st Defendant a Certified True Copy of the Claimant’s property and proceeded to enter same in their record books thus constituting caveat against the sale of the property.

Further to the above a CTC of the document was issued to the 1st Defendant.


The issuance of CTC to the 1st Defendant constitutes an encumbrance on the land.

That it was not until the police opened investigation into the matter following complaint by the Claimant that the 1st Defendant returned to the land’s registry the CTC of the title document it had fraudulently and/or illegally processed and obtained.

The Claimant avers that he cannot come to the true and full knowledge as to the joint and several responsibilities of the Defendants except by discovery.

By a letter dated the 22nd day of June 2021 and addressed to the branch Manager Ecobank-Nigeria Ltd, SEARCH PROCESS, REPORT AND SUBSEQUENT DEVELOPMENT, the 2nd Defendant admitted using the claimant’s hereditament in connection with a mortgage facility as approved by the 1st defendant.

Consequent upon the issuance of the Certified True Copy of the title document of the property situate at SW8/1285 consisting of a storey building and a bungalow registered as No 22 at page 22 in volume 1163 of the Lands Registry, Ibadan to the 1st Defendant for the purpose of a legal mortgage the Claimant had not being able to sell the property precipitating a loss of value.


The Claimant will at the trial of this suit contend that the 1st Defendant was negligent in it’s dealings with the 2nd Defendant by ignoring the canons of lending thereby injuring the Claimant.

By reason of the facts set out above the claimants faced the fear and anxiety of losing their hereditament.

The Claimant is entitled to and claims aggravated and exemplary damages.

It is the contention of the Claimant that even though there was no privity of contract between them and the Defendants, the defendants owed to them jointly and severally a duty of care to make sure the Claimants were not hurt by their actions or inactions.

That the Defendants breached this duty of care they owed to the Claimants.


That the Claimants were hurt as a consequence and have suffered pain and injury and sustained loss and damages.

The matter has been assigned to Igbosere Magistrate Court 10 sitting as Court 2 Yaba, Lagos State.

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Outrage as Ezendigbo of Ibadanland confers chieftaincy title on Olubadan



There has been an uproar as a self-titled Ezendigbo of Ibadan land and Oyo state, Alex Anozie, conferred an Igbo chieftaincy title of Ezi ogo ukwu Ndigbo on the Olubadan of Ibadan land, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Senator Lekan Balogun.

Anozie, who conferred the award recently in Ibadan, explained that Ndigbo on January 29, 2023 made history by gathering together to launch their almanac besides using the opportunity to honour their beloved great in-law, His Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi Olubadan, with an Igbo title, which means a very good and great in-law of Ndigbo.

He recalled that on December 4,2022 during their Igbo day celebration at Liberty stadium, Ibadan, Ndigbo conferred on their daughter, Her Imperial Majesty, Joyce Balogun with an Igbo Chieftaincy title of Ada Oma Ndigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state.

Anozie observed that Kabiyesi Olubadan is married to one of their beautiful daughters of Igbo origin from Onitsha adding that the marriage is wonderfully blessed with beautiful children while the couple are living together peacefully all these years as husband and wife.


“With the authority conferred on me by my people Ndigbo in Ibadan and Oyo state since the year 1997, I hereby confer this title on our dear Imperial majesty, Oba Lekan Balogun”, he declared, “Everything we can do to keep moving on with the peaceful and progressive manner Ndigbo and Ibadan people and indeed Yoruba have been living together in Nigeria, we shall continue to do and encourage.”

However, this didn’t not sit well with Yoruba scholars and elders as such title was seen as an insult on the throne of Olubadan and the Yoruba race in general. Many were of the opinion that the self acclaimed Igbo king, a guest in Ibadan, overstepped his boundary by giving a title to the Olubadan kingdom, his host.

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“Àyà gbàngbà nílé onílé, hábà . Àlejò conferring a title on the King on his own land! This shows how stupid we appear to have become! A mà wá r’ógo o. They are playing politics here but it is rude and we have to separate issues and disallow our revered Oba being disrespected. Ọba kii joyè n’ilẹ̀ tiwa. Nobody can confer Chieftaincy title on any of our Ọbas no matter how tiny his town his. This lady should be scolded and made to publicly denounce this nonsense and apologise to Kábíyèsí,” one wrote.

“Abomination. Even a prince don’t take chieftancy title from other king,” wrote another.

“One “Anozie confers chieftaincy title on Olubadan.” Meaning an Anozie (whoever he may be & wherever he may be from) conferred a chieftaincy title on the paramount ruler of Ibadan! Other than the audacity, it is even procedurally and ethically unheard of, for a paramount ruler (equivalent to a King) to now be subjected to the indignity of being regarded as a lesser Chief of whoever! Abomination buruku niyen now! That’s the height of indignity that can be visited on a King! Abi after King, wetin remain?! Conferring our Olubadan with another minor chieftaincy title is akin to subjugation. The “conferer” has essentially assumed authority over the “conferee”. It’s simple!


“That someone would even think of doing it is one thing, that the person now actually has the gut and effrontery to actualise it is quite galling. Arinfin gba niyen! It is the worst of slight and an affront to the Stool.

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“How do you demote a paramount ruler (King) like Olubadan and now call him one of your chiefs?!

“There was and is nothing noble behind that intention! It was a deliberate act of mischief calculated to ridicule the symbol of the people of Ibadan. Plain and simple!

“Where else have you heard of such ridiculous conferment?! What is bad is bad please.

“If the Olubadan can’t run the culprit out of Ibadan, let him at least reject such brazen insult with extreme prejudice! Arrant Nonsense!” a lawyer submitted.


“Èèmọ̀!” wrote one indignantly.

While response is being awaited from the Olubadan palace over the development, the Yoruba people are concerned about the implication of allowing such action to go unpunished.

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Standard Chartered executives visit Wema Bank (Photo)



From left to right: MD/CEO, Wema Bank Plc, Moruf Oseni, Executive Director, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria, Olukorede Adenowo and Deputy Managing Director, Wema Bank Plc, Wole Akinleye, during a courtesy visit, to discuss business opportunities between both financial institutions, at the Wema Bank Towers this week.

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“If No Be Because Of Your Papa, Who Sabi You” — Peter PSquare Drags Seun Kuti



Peter PSquare drags Seun Kuti, says nobody would know him if not because of his father.

Nigerian music star Peter Okoye of the duo PSquare has called out singer Seun Kuti on his social media.

In the past few hours, Peter Okoye and Seun Kuti got into a social media clash over the upcoming elections in Nigeria.

One of Peter’s posts that has got people’s attention, however, is that where he mentioned that nobody would know Seun without his father, the legendary Fela Kuti.

‘If no be because of your papa, Abeg who Sabi you?’, Peter writes.


See his post below:

In another post, he said Seun needs to learn how to comport himself from his nephew Made Kuti.

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