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Patience Jonathan, Asari Dokubo, other personalities who impacted Nigerian pop culture



Compared to a few years ago, there is a noticeable shift in how people achieve fame.

Gone are the days when you had to be a royal figure or a wealthy individual to become famous.

Anyone can become a global sensation overnight with just the right words or actions recorded and uploaded to social media.

This is commonly referred to as a viral moment. While many viral moments are short-lived for the people involved, others become timeless, heavily influencing the global phenomenon known as “Pop Culture.”


Nigeria is no stranger to individuals with these viral moments, as many have found ways to shape the entertainment industry, becoming a reference in films, skits, and songs. They’re popular on social media as a meme or slang.

From political figures to comedians, here is a list of ten Nigerians whose viral moments significantly impacted pop culture.

1. Patience Jonathan

Surprise, Patience Jonathan, Nigeria’s former first lady, tops our list. During her husband Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure, the former first lady became well-known for her grammatical errors during broadcast speeches or interviews.

Among the few amusing statements she made, one that broke the internet was “There is God oh,” which earned her the title of “Youtube’s most-watched Nigerian non-music video” in 2015.

Patience Jonathan (There is God''
Patience Jonathan (There is God”

She made the statement in a video that aired on channel television in 2014.

Mrs Jonathan was seen in the video meeting with the principal of GSS, police commissioners, and WAEC officials. Speaking about the kidnapping of the Chibok girls, the former first lady sobbed, “All this blood you people are shedding, there is God o, there is God o, God…o…Chai, there is God o.”

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The video quickly went viral after producers added sound effects and released a remix version.

Skit creators also used it in their videos, and comedians frequently used it in their routines.

2. Shem Obafaiye

Before 2013, it was rare to see one out of ten people not wearing a tee-shirt with the words “Oga at the top.”

When asked for the NSCDC website address during an interview with Sunrise in 2013, a Channel’s television program, Mr Obafaiye, who was then the Lagos state commandant of the Nigeria security and defence corps (NSCDC), referred to his “oga at the top.”

Shem Obafaiye aka Oga at the top
Shem Obafaiye aka Oga at the top

The presenters pushed harder to get him to open up, but all he could say was, “ww. nscdc, that’s all.

The interview went viral, as is customary for Nigerian social media users, and everyone jumped on the trend of saying, “Let me ask my Oga at the top” when asked a question.


3. Odunlade Adekola, Mr Ibu

Odunlade Adekola, a famous Yoruba actor, is no stranger to the walls and feeds of numerous social media accounts. Because of his ability to convey various funny emotions in films, his images are frequently used as memes with witty captions above them.


The most famous image is one in which he is dressed in an Ankara and has an exclamation expression on his face.

Mr Ibu is another actor who has become well-known for his memes. Mr Ibu’s name would undoubtedly be among the top ten on any list of the top funny actors in Nollywood.

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Boasting a vast collection of comedy movies, Mr Ibu has portrayed several characters that have left viewers laughing.

Mr Ibu

To accurately represent comical statements, Nigerians often use a picture from one of his movies to buttress their point.

4. Papa Kallem

If you hear the words “Funke” or “Apostle will hear of this” in a comedy skit, remember that it came from a Nigerian-British man called Papa Kallem. He is the father of famous Youtuber Emma Kallem.

Papa Kallem
Papa Kallem

When Emma was 16, he played a prank on his father by telling him he had impregnated a 14-year-old girl.

Unaware of the recording, his father began calling his mother’s name, Funke, and threatening to inform the apostle, which is where the phrase “the Apostle will hear of this,” came from.


5. Unknown man from CV interview

“If you don’t get it, forget about it” is a slang phrase that evolved from social media to reality. A man stated this during a street interview in which he was asked to explain what a CV is.

His response was incoherent, prompting the interviewer to ask him what he meant, resulting in the iconic phrase.

6. Aki and Pawpaw

Even though their films were released over a decade ago, the troublesome Nollywood duo remains popular among Nigerians.

Aki and Pawpaw
Aki and Pawpaw

Aki and Paw paw’s reactions in pictures have become a staple for social media to express their feelings and humorous opinions. Played by talented actors Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, their video clips have gained wide circulation worldwide, especially that of Aki (Osita Iheme).

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In 2021, a reboot of the classic hit film was released in theatres across the country.

7. Oga Sabinus

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, aka Oga Sabinus, is a famous comedian known for his hilarious skits on YouTube and Instagram.


Despite having been in the comedy business since 2015, he rose to prominence in 2019. In the following years, he won the De Elite Nigerian Star Award (DENSA) and the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) for being the best content creator.

Oga Sabinus

Widely recognised for his blue shirt and relatable content, the comedian’s picture has become a must-use for social media users attempting to explain or calculate a point.

8. Asari Dokubo

‘‘70 years old man’’ , ‘’You think say you wise’’ and ‘‘You be mumu’’ are two phrases made famous by Asari Dokubo during an online spat with the maverick entertainer Charly Boy in 2017.

The leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force made the remarks when he mocked the #Ourmumudondo convener, Charles Boy, for collapsing during the #ResignOrResume protest in Abuja.

Asari Dokubo
Asari Dokubo

Speaking in a Facebook video at the time, Dokubo flayed Charlyboy for not supporting the movement for the Independent of Biafra. He mocked : “Dem teargas am. He fainted. He passed out. 70-year-old man. Charlyboy, na your mumu don too much. You think say you’re wise? You’re a mumu man. As them throw the tear gas, something wey pass for reach you.”

Several mainstream Nigerian television and radio stations and Nigerian Instagram skitmakers have adopted the phrases in their content creation.

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Tobi Amusan returns to Celestial Church of Christ for thanksgiving



Many do not even know that Tobi Amusan, the iconic athlete whose basket of global victories and laurels, is overflowing and bursting at the seams, is a member of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. The track queen, who was recently bestowed with the national award of Officer of the Order of Niger (O.O.N.) by President Muhammadu Buhari, is not just a member of the C.C.C. but also an active member of the choir.

Amusan’s many wins include the following: – Winner of the World Athletics Diamond League. – Gold Medalist from the World Athletics Championships 2022 in Eugene Oregon, U.S.A. – First Nigerian World Record Holder in Athletics, Eugene Oregon, U.S.A. – Triple Gold Medalist from the Commonwealth Games. – Double Gold Medalist from the African Athletics Championships.

Recently, Tobi Amusan returned to her spiritual fountain, the Celestial Church of Christ , to worship and to give thanks to God during a glorious Sunday Service

“C.C.C. Worldwide celebrates one of our own, Sister Tobi Amusan. We are very proud of you and we would not stop celebrating you. This is just the beginning. God’s glory in your life would continue to abide and multiply in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen,” SE Kayode Ajala, the head of CCC Worldwide media, wrote.


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VSE Joseph Olorunishola – Forgiven But Not Restored



The official report of the meeting of VSE Joseph Olorunnishola and Rev. Pastor EMF Oshoffa on Thursday, September 29th, 2022.

Following a letter of apology from VSE Joseph Olorunnishola to Pastor EMF Oshoffa, a meeting was arranged for VSE Olorunnishola to apologize in person to the Spiritual Head and Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

The meeting took place at the New York Parish, Brooklyn before the CCC 75th Anniversary Service of the Founding of Celestial Church of Christ on September 29th.

VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was at the meeting with five of his elders and the USA diocese was also represented by total of six elders.


Chiefly at the meeting, presided by the Pastor EMF Oshoffa, and sitting on the high table with Pastor were the Pastor’s head of Administration Worldwide, VSE S.F. Adeniyi and the Head of USA Diocese, VSE Olaitan Balogun.

Also at the meeting were the HOD deputies
VSE Solomon Yusuf and Sup. Evg. Ayo Homer-Williams. AVSE Kehinde Akano, Sup. Evg Oluwafemi Sanyaolu, and Sup. Evg. Felix Oziegbe.

Venerable Superior Evangelist Olaitan Balogun, Head of U.S.A Diocese, C.C.C. Worldwide.

Present at the meeting with VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was; Sup. Evg. Yomi Dodo Williams, Sup Evg. Victor Adewusi, MSE Sam Adebayo, Sup. Evg .Timothy Olatokun and Sup Evg Badmus.

The meeting lasted over 4 hours.


  1. The meeting started with an opening prayer by the Pastor EMF Oshoffa
  2. The Pastor reiterated the need for peace and oneness in the diocese
  3. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola prostrated to apologize to the Pastor and everybody in the meeting also prostrated alongside VSE Olorunnishola for total forgiveness and spirit of oneness.
  4. The Pastor asked VSE Joseph Olorunnishola to explain himself.
  5. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola stated that he did not do anything wrong as he was simply carrying out the decision made by his then Executive Council members in the infamous March 5, 2021 memorandum of 7-point demand and Declaration of Independence notably from the Pastor.
  6. Superior Evangelist Homer Williams, Superior Evangelist Akande and Superior Evangelist Oziegbe all indicated their efforts at urging VSE Joseph Olorunnishola to rescind the letter as requested by the Pastor. But VSE Olorunnishola blatantly refused and responded to each of the above peace makers with a common “over my dead body”.
  7. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola requested to still be in control of the parishes under his leadership.
  8. The Pastor then requested VSE Olorunnishola to come to Nigeria for further discussions while the Pastor will consult with the elders of the church in Nigeria.
  9. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola replied that he does not have the grace to travel to Nigeria.
  10. The Pastor then asked VSE Olorunnishola to call him when the Pastor returns back to Nigeria.
  11. Superior Evangelist Sanyaolu reiterated at the meeting that for there to be true peace and truce, VSE Joseph Olorunnishola has to withdraw all his court cases with the USA diocese because VSE Olorunnishola is not the owner of Celestial Church of Christ in America. And that the Pastor is both the Spiritual and Administrative Head of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide as per the Constitution.
  12. The meeting ended with closing prayer by the HOD VSE Olaitan Balogun
  13. The grace said by Pastor EMF Oshoffa
  14. It was gathered that after the grace, VSE Joseph Olorunnishola while walking away then said the status quo remains of which the Pastor did not respond.
  15. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was asked by some representatives of the diocese to take back his false conclusion of the meeting that “the status quo remains” and a small skirmish ensued.
  16. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola, in his own mind, falsely concluded that the status quo remains, which perhaps could be his primary objective for coming to the meeting and thereby creating some form of legitimacy.
  17. VSE Joseph Olorunnishola was forgiven by the pastor but not restored.
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It is our prayer that the spirit of arrogance and disobedience will be cast away in our midst. And the owner of His church will continue to uphold and strengthen His church, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

The Publicity and Media Team of the USA Diocese stands by the veracity of this report (Zechariah 8:16-17).


Together, we move to higher glory.

The Publicity and Media Team
CCC USA Diocese

Venerable Superior Evangelist Joseph Olorunishola.

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Terra Kulture Receives Netflix Support For Its Creative Industry Programmes



Leading educational and recreational organisation, Terra Kulture, has received a financial donation from the global streaming platform, Netflix.

A statement on Friday by the Lagos-based firm said the donation follows the recent announcement by Netflix to extend the Creative Equity Scholarship Fund for film and television students to select West and Central African countries to study at partner universities in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Gabon.

The donation received will further the organisation’s effort to promote the richness and diversity of the Nigerian arts and culture sector.
“The support fund will be directed to industry and community-focused areas of engagement which include academic training, theatre, gallery, and bookstore. It is also intended to ensure cultural programming in Nigeria while promoting the various artistic and cultural projects led by Terra Kulture,” the said.

Commenting further on the philanthropic gesture, Bolanle Austen-Peters, the Chief Executive Officer of Terra Kulture, said: “We’re delighted to receive this donation from Netflix. It would be helpful to take our ongoing projects to the next step.”


According to her, since 2003, Terra Kulture has been at the forefront of promoting Nigeria’s art and culture through exhibitions; indigenous restaurant; and storytelling through its award-winning plays and movies. “Over these years, we have developed an in-depth understanding of arts, culture, and languages to impact the next generation most effectively. With the financial support received, Terra Kulture Academy for the Arts aims to fulfil its mission to support, upskill and inspire Nigeria’s creative youths through educational and recreational programs that will yield multiplicative benefits to themselves, their families, communities, and the overall Nigerian creative economy.”

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Terra Kulture has trained more than 2,000 youth in theatre lighting design, sound design, costume design, batik, tie and dye, makeup, hairstyling, production, acting, directing, production management, props management, and set design, animation, choreography, and motion graphics for stage plays.

In a bid to formalize the skilling efforts, the organization launched Terra Academy for the Arts (TAFTA), which is a free-to-attend training created to formally empower young creatives with relevant skills across key sub-sectors in theatre. The programme is designed to provide training on key technical production skills for the creative industry as well as an entrepreneurial module for students to learn about the industry’s business side.

Quoting a new report on Nigeria’s creative industry, the statement said the creative industry is now positioned as Nigeria’s second-largest employer of labour and has the potential to produce 2.7 million additional jobs by 2025. Also, it is projected to contribute 5 trillion Naira to the country’s GDP, thereby making the sector a significant contributor to the economy of Nigeria, which is Africa’s largest economy.

According to the statement, the intervention is aligned with Netflix’s commitment to supporting artistic and cultural projects, and a part of their creative industry support fund in Nigeria.


Recently, the global streaming giant extended its Creative Equity Scholarship Fund to include academic institutions in Central and West Africa. The CESF will be distributed to various initiatives over the next five years to build a strong, diverse pipeline of creatives around the world.

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