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Clearing agents to FG: Increase age limit of imported vehicles to 15 years



Clearing agents have asked the federal government to increase the age limit of vehicles coming into the country to 15 years.

Kayode Farinto, acting national president of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), said this in a felicitation message to Muslims on this year’s Eid-el Kabir celebration.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) had recently reduced the age limit of imported vehicles from 15 years to 12 years, warning that any vehicle older than 12 years shall be impounded.

In the statement, Farinto also said the country’s automotive policy should be reviewed.


“The age limit on imported vehicles needs to be reviewed to at least 15 years from the current 12 years. The entire auto policy is a scam that has continued to enrich a few individual Nigerians at the detriment of our economy,” the statement reads.

“With the introduction in the last 10 years or more, we are unable to produce ordinary radiator, meanwhile few people are smiling to the banks with our money under the guise of being local assemblers and manufacturers. It is high time we revised this policy.”

Farinto further emphasised the need for the federal government to have a consistent policy in the maritime industry, adding that frequent changing of transportation ministers is detrimental to stakeholders’ businesses.

“This trial and error of the government must be stopped forthwith, just when we thought there is eureka in the transportation ministry, the government decide to change the minister to bring a new person that will start learning and commence visitation in the next three months,” the statement adds.

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“We are stagnant and not really moving forward with these retrogressive steps every time and it is encouraging neocolonialism.


“The federal government in line with international best practices needs to reorganise and reorientate the management of Nigeria Customs Service from the present moribund one.

“The present one has continually brought confusion to the trading community with her high-handedness, without control and checks to the extent that the federal ministry of finance has lost her supervisory role, hence the high level of non-professionalism of the service to the nation.”

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Club Carica, Sinatra Set to Host Week-Long Extravaganza of Music and Entertainment



Club Carica and Sinatra, two prominent venues in the heart of Lagos, are gearing up to host an electrifying lineup of events that promise to dazzle audiences and keep them on their feet all week long.

Event 1: Unusual Night at Club Carica

  • Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2024
  • Time: 10pm
  • Featuring: In-house DJs DJ Nestle and DJ Elsie, alongside Hypemen Hypeman Slimm and Hypeman Kodyvibes.

Event 2: Big Ballers and Itunu Awe Show by Entertaining Abbey Awesome

  • Venue: Club Carica
  • Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2024
  • Time: 7pm

Event 3: EiD Dance with Sunny Melody presented by TQueen Multi Concept and Carica

  • Venue: Club Carica
  • Date: Thursday, April 11, 2024
  • Time: 9pm

Event 4: Eid-Fitr Dance with Pasuma Wonder at Sinatra

  • Venue: Sinatra
  • Date: Friday, April 12, 2024
  • Time: 6pm
  • Featuring: In-house DJs DJ Nestle and DJ Elsie, alongside Hypemen Hypeman Slimm and Hypeman Kodyvibes.

Event 5: Birthday Celebration for Shola Vibrator at Sinatra

  • Venue: Sinatra
  • Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2024
  • Time: 6pm – 11pm
  • Performing Artists: Saint Janet, Idowu Santana, Femi Taiwo, Ijolabi Harmony, Kayode Shanana, Soulwinner, Oluomo Matto

“With such an exciting lineup of events, music enthusiasts and partygoers alike are in for an unforgettable week of entertainment in Lagos. Join us at Club Carica and Sinatra for a week-long celebration of music, dance, and fun!” said Segun Amosu, the excited president of Sinatra & Club Carica.

Located at 16B, Ladipo Oluwole, Opp Chelsea House, Off Adeniyi Jones, Off Oba Akran, Ikeja, Sinatra and Club Carica are known for its vibrant atmosphere and top-notch entertainment offerings.

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These events will be hosted by Otunba Femi Davies, the esteemed publisher of Metronews, promising an evening filled with joy, music, and unforgettable memories.


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Rot and Decay Drowning Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ: A Call for Action



By Ngozi Njoku

When the fourth Estate of the realm is fraught by corruption, all hope is lost.

What is happening in the professional body of Journalists in Nigeria may be one of the reasons why the country is sliding rapidly into a terrifying squalor of corruption.

Indeed, Journalism has been compromised, and highly so. When the watchdog begins to emulate the thief, who then guards the house?


From the top of its national administration, into the chapters and chapels, the Nigerian Union of Journalists has become one huge market for fraudulent wheeler-dealers.

Starting from its national president, Chris Isiguzo, who allegedly forged his certificates and has not been able to prove otherwise till date, to the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) which has been hijacked by jackals unwilling to let go of their putrid tentacles, the NUJ needs intervention from the regulatory bodies as fast as possible.

Bizarre is what any right-thinking person would term a union that hardly fights for its members but increases annual dues of impoverished members from N5,000 to N25,000. It is pertinent to point out that the ID cards, even when paid for, are issued six months into the expiry date.

One may wonder why journalists haven’t protested against this draconian edict of the National President; the answer is not far away. Nobody probes the NUJ. Those who seized power in an election that was neither fair nor free in far away Owerri and gave it to a man whose credentials are still subject to scrutiny have formed a cabal, a group of men and women who determined to hold on to the reins even after their tenure has ended by transferring power to their stooges. This is exactly what played out at the last FCT NAWOJ election which was aborted by the National body on very unethical grounds, when it was apparent that their stooge who did not meet the new requirements set by them was going to lose the election.

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Women Journalists had stormed the venue of the election with the determination to change the status quo.


It is absurd, abhorrent to natural justice, and all that is fair and right that the election was quashed at the last minute, using the constitution that did not apply or was not applied when the national NAWOJ election held. All of a sudden, faced with overwhelming defeat, the national VP, who herself rose to power without the rules, decided to apply the rule of the current NUJ ID card of N25,000 as part of clearance to vote.

It is more than ironical that the business meeting, with the credentials committee and electoral committee present, had agreed at the triennial conference on the use of NAWOJ payment slip and receipts as clearance to vote.

Alas, just as elections were about to start, the Almighty VP, Zone D, stormed the venue and canceled it. Power truly corrupts, and the fourth Estate has been corruptly commandeered.

For posterity’s sake, it is pertinent to point out that only in the NUJ are females double-tasked. You pay NAWOJ dues, a percentage of which goes to the national coffers, and then you cough out N25,000 for an NUJ ID card. That is N29,000 as annual dues for one struggling woman who may not be earning any salary because the NUJ has not and has never protected her interest, no matter how many times reports of non-payment of salaries by media owners are reported.

Interestingly, the power-drunk national Exco of the NAWOJ has refused to interface with those opposing its high-handedness, refused to recognize or meet with the caretaker committee formed by the triennial conference after the botched election where the VP closeted herself in an office, refusing to address the team of Journalists including senior members of the profession. The national body instead, like a thief in the night, formed a caretaker committee of members who constitute their camp and termed the earlier committee illegal. To add salt to injury, the committee has fixed February 10 for the election and is insisting that every member pays N25,000 for the ID card before that date. How much do journalists earn? Moreover, by implication, even if your old card is expiring in 2024, it has been declared null and void by the ‘bullyish’ pronouncements.

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It is now a matter of saving the fourth Estate from hyenas who are hell-bent on destroying legacies of great men of the pen that they met on the ground and through which they became so powerful.

This is a call to the Minister of Information, the FCT Minister, and other regulatory bodies to step in now to help check the decay.

There must be accountability of finances as these gangs operate unchecked by sidetracking the checks and balances which existed before them. The NUJ needs thorough auditing especially on the national level and the FCT.

The aggrieved NAWOJ members must be allowed to state their case, and a compromise reached.

There must be an arbiter, an independent auditor, else there will be total decay and rot that will affect the society as a whole. The Fourth estate of the realm cannot be left to fall.


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Amusan, Enekwechi to end 2023 as highest ranked Nigerian athletes



World record holder, Tobi Amusan and Shot Putter, Chukwuebuka Enekwechi is set to end the year 2023 as the highest ranked Nigerian woman and man in track and field ahead of the final upgrade of World Athletics’ world rankings table later this week.

Amusan has been the most successful Nigerian athlete in 2023 with some notable big performances that helped her ranking points to grow.

The 26 year old legally ran inside 12.40 seconds thrice and 12.50 twice, made it to the final of the World Athletics Championships and won her third successive Diamond League 100m hurdles title.

Ranked the fifth best in the world last year, the reigning World record holder will finish the 30th best woman athlete in the world this year and second in the high hurdles behind reigning Olympic champion, Jasmine Camacho-Quinn.


She is undoubtedly the highest ranked Nigerian followed by long jumper Ese Brume who is ranked the 121st best and fourth in the long jump while Ruth Usoro,with a world ranking of 484, is the third highest ranked Nigerian woman in the world.

Brume finished fourth in the long jump at the World Athletics Championships and second at the Diamond League final in Oregon, USA where she jumped 6.85m, her farthest jump jump of 2023.

Usoro also got ranked above all the Nigerian sprinters because of a couple of huge jumps that fetched her massive points. She jumped legally over 6.80m twice and 6.70m once.

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For the men, Enekwechi is the highest ranked Nigerian, 212th in the world and 10th in the Shot Put with a ranking score of 1320 points, 41 points more than

Udodi Onwuzurike who is the second highest ranked Nigerian man, 327th in the world and 19th in the 200m.


Sprinter Ushoritse Itshekiri comes in as the third highest ranked Nigerian in the outgoing year. He is ranked 541st in the world and 42nd in 100m.

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