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One Million Boys: I don’t know you — Sam Larry disowns Portable as singer retracts claim




“What I meant by 1 million boys is 1 million followers. People are threatening my life ooo you should all look into this”.
The famous Nigerian Music producer and promoter Sammy Larry has dissociated himself from the controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola (Portable).
In a now-deleted video, Portable, Monday, claimed to have formed the One-Million Boys cult group terrorising some parts of Lagos State and said the show promoter could bear witness.
“Open your ears and listen well, have you heard about Ajah boys, One Million boys? I’m the one who founded; gogo and ask. Go ask the likes of Sammy Larry,” Portable boasted in the Yoruba language.
Mr Larry, in an Instagram video on Tuesday, vented his annoyance at Portable while denying any connection to cultism or any cult group.
The show promoter angrily cut ties with the zazu crooners, saying, “I never want to see your calls again.”
Still venting his anger, Mr Larry continued ‘ ” I don’t know who One Million Boys are. I only helped Portable. I’m only his benefactor. I’m a promoter.”
He said: “Where do I know you from? When did we meet? At what point did we have any joint dealing involving one million boys? I’ve not known Portable for more than a year, yet the unfortunate man mentions my name in his rants.
“I’m not the only person he mentioned, but it’s only my name that the public is committed to heart. What’s the meaning of all that? Never mention my name in negative things! And I never want to see your calls again. I’ll block you even.
“My wife’s family members are all worried, calling me over the phone and asking who one million boys are.”
But after his statement caused an uproar on social media, the Zazu crooner retracted his earlier claim of founding the cult group that terrorises Lagos and Ogun State residents
Before his retraction, the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Akali Baba, ordered the arrest of the hip-pop singer.
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Meanwhile, in his retraction, he said he had no ties with the cult group but only referred to his fans as “One Million Boys.”
Portable said: “Clearing the air on this! Zazu!! This has come to an end that I have to voice out… please everyone; I want to let you know that I didn’t mean to campaign for APC.
“ It was a show they told me that I was going to before I saw myself in the APC office, and as a man, no need to worry. I got to do the job since it involved money.
“And what I meant by 1 million boys is 1 million followers. People are threatening my life ooo you should all look into this. I GO BY THE NAME PORTABLE OMODO MUSIC FOR A LIVING FOR LIVING.”

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Why women cheat in marriage – Blessing CEO Claimed



Blessing CEO, has claimed that most women cheat in their marriages because of irresponsible spouses.

According to her, it is impossible for a woman who caters for her family not to cheat.

Okoro stated this in the latest episode of her TV show, Moments With Blessing CEO.

She urged men to be financially stable and responsible to avoid infidelity on the part of their spouses.


“As a man, you have to get a job. How would you leave responsibilities for a woman for 9years and you’re expecting her not to sleep around?” she remarked.

The topic of infidelity has dominated the Nigerian social media space, following the recent cases of paternity fraud.

The social media influencer had earlier said she walked out of her marriage because of domestic violence and not cheating.

According to her, cheating is not enough reason for divorce.

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Nollywood actor Damilola Ogunsi has corrected a viewer of ‘Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre’ who referred to him as white.

The albino actor played the role of an angel in the recently released series by film-maker Kunle Afolayan.

However, the decision to use Ogunsi as an angel did not go down well with a viewer with the X handle Ohjay1 who faults it.

Sharing a clip from a scene from the series where the protagonist, Saro (played by Kunle Remi) met an angel (played by Damilola Ogunsi) at the gates of heaven, wrote, “This thing has to stop, why use white as angel inside black movie #Anikulapo.”


Reacting, the albino actor said it feels good for him not to be recognised.

He, however, said he is “blacker” than anyone in the scene.

Reposting the viewer’s tweet, Ogunsi wrote, “Feels good not to be recognized.

“I’m sure I’m ‘blacker’ than anyone in that scene.”

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How Motherhood Shaped My Career – Actress Bisola Aiyeola



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The Reality TV star, who is a single mother of one said she is always conscious of the acting roles she accepts in the movie industry because of her child.

“I have a growing child and sometimes some of the roles you take can affect her positively or negatively. Especially because she is growing… You have other children around her who have different thoughts on what their parents do and so I have to be careful with some stories because I have to think that, in the long run, would it be a good look for my child?” The actress asked.

The actress said her trajectory has been one of patience and putting her daughter first, no matter what.


She said, unknown to many, that she has been in the industry for years, even before going on the Big Brother Naija reality show in 2017.

She noted that her passion has been her driving force.

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