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BBNaija Season 7: He has anger issues – Housemates discuss Sheggz’s violent behavior over disagreement with Bella




Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Sheggz’s voilent behavior as become a thing of concern for his colleagues as they were captured discussing his latest misbehavior.

Allyson and Doyin were spotted in their room talking about him and how he flips easily.

According to Doyin, Sheggz was seen shouting and hitting the wall with his sneakers in the heat of anger over Bella’s recent attitude towards him.

Bella and Sheggz got into a nasty fight after he slammed her for disobeying him.The self acclaimed big boy of Lagos expressed his annoyance over Bella’s failure to follow his instructions.

The lovebirds got into a fight over food. Bella wanted to eat something which Sheggz didn’t want her to.Sheggz told her to keep it for the next day, but Bella, went ahead to open the food and eat.

Her excise was that she doesn’t know of she would have the appetite for it the next day.

This didn’t sit well with Sheggz as he felt she disrespected him.

He lashed out at her and reprimanded her for disobeying him.

Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up it couple, Bella had stirred mixed reactions online as she declared her undying love for her fellow housemate, Sheggz.

A video which made rounds online captured Bella discussing with another Level Up housemate, Doyin. During the conversation, Bella revealed how concentrated she was on all her tasks and promised to make amends by having a good relationship with other housemates.

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Speaking on her love for Sheggz, Bella claimed she was satisfied with Sheggz’s love because the 100 million naira was not even guaranteed for her, stating she can’t hide her feelings anymore and even if it was this relationship she took out of this house, she will be fine

Fans who reacted to this development claimed Bella was unfair to her fans who wanted her to win the show, while some wished Sheggz would reciprocate her love.


Naija Star Search: Contestants dazzle as competition enters pair Battle



Episode six of Naija Star Search brought a new twist to the competition as the pair battle stage kicked off.

The group phase of the competition ended last week with the eviction of Thekhaleed and Esjay.

The pair battle phase began on Sunday and saw the contestants perform contemporary Naija songs in pairs.

Also, the baton of eviction from the show has exchanged hands from the audience to the judges as the music talent hunt show hits up to discover who becomes the next superstar.


The competition gradually becomes fiercer as the weakest in each team goes on probation and then possible eviction. At this stage, each episode becomes a hot seat for the contestants to unleash their hidden creativity or leave the stage.

In the end, Skyffy, eMzez, Denerio, TOMs, Jaydboy, and MB Dre were selected by the judges for probation. On Sunday, four will be evicted.

Singer Uwale Okoro, aka Essence, made a guest appearance on the show, ushering in Denerio and Skimzo to join her in performing one of her classics, ‘Facebook Love’,

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BBNaija’s Tacha Akide sends important message to Nigerians from her hospital bed




Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper dem’ housemate, Natacha Akide better known as Tacha has sent an important message to Nigerians.

The reality star who has been hospitalized in Dubai gave an unsolicited advice to Nigerians in preparation for the General Election.

Tacha urged Nigerians to desist from political aparthy and get actively involved in all levels of the government.

She noted how many go to church to pray for good governance but yet vote in bad leaders.


She warned those who would serve as campaigners and thugs for the different candidates to think of their future as those in power have nothing to lose if the country crashes.

“I have a very important message. We are going into campaign period in preparation of the election. We are actively involved in all levels local government, senate, house of representatives, all the way to the presidency. You go to church to pray that you want a better Nigeria but you are supporting a bad leader. Have sense I cos if we get it wrong next year, you will have yourself to blame.

As you are campaigning for your Oga or Chairman, I want you to have in mind that your Oga don’t have anything to lose if Nigeria crashes tomorrow, they don’t have a lot to lose”, she reemphasized.

This isn’t the first time, Tacha is talking politics.

Months back, Tacha Akide had revealed that there was possibility for her to join Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential campaign.

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Tacha made this known as she called out churches in Nigeria for their lackadaisical attitude towards 2022 general election.

The reality star noted how many of the churches had shielded away from participating in elections.

Tacha also reacted to Femi Otedola drumming support for Tinubu, which she praised.

Showing her support for him, Tacha revealed how she loves what the billionaire businessman did.

Tacha also stated that she might also pick side with Tinubu if she gets into a conversation with him and he is making sense.


Tacha opined that we practice democracy and at such people have the right to choose a candidate of their choice.

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BBNaija Season 7: Fans root for Daniella and Dotun’s budding relationship




Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, Daniella and Dotun’s budding relationship is beginning to gain the interest of many.
since Daniella’s love interest, Khalid left the house, the reality star had found comfort in the arms of Level One housemate, Dotun.

At first, Daniella tried playing hard to get by pushing away the reality star, but the competitive housemate finally bowed to pressure as she gave in to him.

Their love grew stronger following their time alone at HOH’s room.

Last two weeks, Dotun beat Phyna, Chichi, and Adekunle to emerge the week’s HOH.


The new HOH chose Daniella, whom he always had eyes for as his Deputy.

The two were given exclusive access to the HOH room, where things got heated.

In a video which made rounds, Daniella was seen kissing and cuddling Dotun after days of denying any budding relationship between them.

At first, this had left many of Daniella’s fans displeased as they were rooting for her and her supposed evicted boo, Khalid.

But it seems now people are warming up to their brewing relationship.


Last night, at their Jacuzzi party, the lovebirds couldn’t stay apart as they were seen partying together.

many were already rooting for the reality stars’ relationship as they declared support for them.

One Olivia Ntongo wrote, “Daniella and Dotun look so cute

One Zee Luxury wrote, “Daniella and Dotun my ship

One Repha noticed Daniella’s fondness for Dotun, he wrote, “I can now confirm Daniella has a thing for Dotun. She’s just pushing him away fearing on how the viewer’s will react since there was khaniella ship

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One Mr Jaay wrote, “Khalid sorry o but Daniella is for Dotun o so move on

One Soft Emajr, “Daniella looks cute with Dotun let’s he sincere

One Beloved Loyalty, “To be honest I prefer Dotun and Daniella together Khalid is a control freak

One Ngogoa concurred with Soft Major as she wrote, “They look good together”.

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