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Outrage as Ezendigbo of Ibadanland confers chieftaincy title on Olubadan



There has been an uproar as a self-titled Ezendigbo of Ibadan land and Oyo state, Alex Anozie, conferred an Igbo chieftaincy title of Ezi ogo ukwu Ndigbo on the Olubadan of Ibadan land, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Senator Lekan Balogun.

Anozie, who conferred the award recently in Ibadan, explained that Ndigbo on January 29, 2023 made history by gathering together to launch their almanac besides using the opportunity to honour their beloved great in-law, His Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi Olubadan, with an Igbo title, which means a very good and great in-law of Ndigbo.

He recalled that on December 4,2022 during their Igbo day celebration at Liberty stadium, Ibadan, Ndigbo conferred on their daughter, Her Imperial Majesty, Joyce Balogun with an Igbo Chieftaincy title of Ada Oma Ndigbo nala Ibadan and Oyo state.

Anozie observed that Kabiyesi Olubadan is married to one of their beautiful daughters of Igbo origin from Onitsha adding that the marriage is wonderfully blessed with beautiful children while the couple are living together peacefully all these years as husband and wife.


“With the authority conferred on me by my people Ndigbo in Ibadan and Oyo state since the year 1997, I hereby confer this title on our dear Imperial majesty, Oba Lekan Balogun”, he declared, “Everything we can do to keep moving on with the peaceful and progressive manner Ndigbo and Ibadan people and indeed Yoruba have been living together in Nigeria, we shall continue to do and encourage.”

However, this didn’t not sit well with Yoruba scholars and elders as such title was seen as an insult on the throne of Olubadan and the Yoruba race in general. Many were of the opinion that the self acclaimed Igbo king, a guest in Ibadan, overstepped his boundary by giving a title to the Olubadan kingdom, his host.

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“Àyà gbàngbà nílé onílé, hábà . Àlejò conferring a title on the King on his own land! This shows how stupid we appear to have become! A mà wá r’ógo o. They are playing politics here but it is rude and we have to separate issues and disallow our revered Oba being disrespected. Ọba kii joyè n’ilẹ̀ tiwa. Nobody can confer Chieftaincy title on any of our Ọbas no matter how tiny his town his. This lady should be scolded and made to publicly denounce this nonsense and apologise to Kábíyèsí,” one wrote.

“Abomination. Even a prince don’t take chieftancy title from other king,” wrote another.

“One “Anozie confers chieftaincy title on Olubadan.” Meaning an Anozie (whoever he may be & wherever he may be from) conferred a chieftaincy title on the paramount ruler of Ibadan! Other than the audacity, it is even procedurally and ethically unheard of, for a paramount ruler (equivalent to a King) to now be subjected to the indignity of being regarded as a lesser Chief of whoever! Abomination buruku niyen now! That’s the height of indignity that can be visited on a King! Abi after King, wetin remain?! Conferring our Olubadan with another minor chieftaincy title is akin to subjugation. The “conferer” has essentially assumed authority over the “conferee”. It’s simple!


“That someone would even think of doing it is one thing, that the person now actually has the gut and effrontery to actualise it is quite galling. Arinfin gba niyen! It is the worst of slight and an affront to the Stool.

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“How do you demote a paramount ruler (King) like Olubadan and now call him one of your chiefs?!

“There was and is nothing noble behind that intention! It was a deliberate act of mischief calculated to ridicule the symbol of the people of Ibadan. Plain and simple!

“Where else have you heard of such ridiculous conferment?! What is bad is bad please.

“If the Olubadan can’t run the culprit out of Ibadan, let him at least reject such brazen insult with extreme prejudice! Arrant Nonsense!” a lawyer submitted.


“Èèmọ̀!” wrote one indignantly.

While response is being awaited from the Olubadan palace over the development, the Yoruba people are concerned about the implication of allowing such action to go unpunished.

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Aminu Masari, two others die in auto crash



Governor of Katsina Aminu Masar, his nephew, Adamu Ali, and two security operatives identified as Nura Sufyanu and Kabir Ali had died in a ghastly motor accident.

Governor of Katsina Aminu Masar

The incident occurred Friday night at a village called Gadar Tsuntsaye, Musawa Local Government Area of the state. Masari’s Director General in charge of Social media, El-Amin Isa, and the spokesman for the Katsina Police Command, SP Gambo Isah, confirmed the accident.

It was learned that the accident scene was close to Jimkashi. The victims were about to get to a bridge in the area on Friday night when they ran into bad portions of the road which forced the vehicle they were traveling in to skip and somersault, leading to their deaths.”

Three others who sustained injuries in the accident initially received treatments at the General Hospital, Malumfashi, before they were evacuated to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Katsina.

Arrangements had already begun for their burial on Saturday as the police spokesman said the bodies of the victims had been evacuated from the scene to a morgue in Katsina.


The police spokesman said, “The accident happened on Friday night. The victims were going to Kafur, the governor’s hometown for the governorship and State House of Assembly elections. We have evacuated the bodies of the victims to Katsina.”

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Ladipo Soremekun: A Legend at 70 By Ayo Sogbuyi



As I woke up today Thursday 16th March 2023, I was looking forward to Nigeria media space if I’ll come across the name of Ladipo Aderenle Soremekun. Not that because he clocks seventy today, but because of his contributions to the sports industry in Nigeria. It may be pardonable that he left the stage at a time most of our sports commentators today were not born and in a way history and sports archive are not fanciful, most of our legends are forgotten so fast.

For those who still have memory of basketball and volleyball ball tournaments in Nigeria of 70s will agree that Lado was an asset.

A spectacular feat was in Algeria in 1978/79 all African games where he played basketball for the Nigerian national team. The team came back to the country with a silver laurel. Apart from basketball he also played for the National volleyball team at several international tournaments and sports festivals. He was one of the earliest players for Oguns state when it was created and later became professional in basketball game at Kwara and Plateau states.

A remarkable moment was at an international competition in Angola where famous Hakeem Olajuwon was still a rookie. It was at the competition that American talent scout spotted Hakeem and later became a superstar in NBA.


Uncle Ladi as I fondly call him was born in Jos and had his early years in Bauchi where he started his primary education at St Paul Anglican school. He is a native of Bakatari under Ilugun LCDA of Ogun state where the family tree is heavily rooted.

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I’ll say life has been very good to you and you are blessed with a wonderful family. I also know my good aunty Mofoluke is keeping the family name flying as former chairman of Ilugun LCDA.

In Los Angeles that is now your home, you’ve made a name for yourself as a selfless person. Your kind disposition is second to none while your work ethics, even at 70 is still battling to the younger ones.

Uncle Ladi is into courier business in California and he’s a founding member of a thriving courier company based in Los Angeles

Happy birthday my great egbon and many happy returns in good health

-Sogbuyi writes from California



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British-Nigerian Boy, Joshua Beckford Named Smartest Kid On Earth



British-Nigerian kid, Joshua Beckford, is the smartest kid on earth. Although the young child suffers from autism, he excels in science, mathematics, history, and foreign languages.

Joshua Beckford, at only six years of age, emerged the youngest person with autism to be accepted to Oxford University. He graduated from the prestigious Institution at the age of 14.

His father, Knox Daniel, was instrumental in spotting his son’s extraordinary abilities when he was only ten months old. While Joshua sat on his dad’s lap in front of the computer, he quickly noticed his son’s keen interest in the keyboard and realised that the boy could understand and remember the letters on the keyboard.

“I started telling Joshua what the letters on the keyboard were, and I realised that he was remembering and could understand. So, if I told him to point to a letter, he could do it. Then we moved on to colours,” Daniel said.


Joshua was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at an early age but didn’t let this stop him from aiming high. When he was two years old, he learned how to read using phonics. By age six, he was accepted at Oxford University OLP Online Learning Platform to do a master class in Philosophy and History Research Project on the Plague of 1665, becoming the youngest person in the world to receive a distinction in both subjects.

Awards And Recognition
Now 14 years old, Joshua has achieved some remarkable feats and has many awards and recognition to show for it.

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He was named among the top 30 most remarkable people in the world with Autism who have impacted society. Joshua is also an Ambassador for Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN) in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

In 2017, Joshua Beckford won The Positive Role Model Award for Age at The National Diversity Awards, an event celebrating the excellent achievements of grass-root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society.

Knox Daniel revealed that nurturing a child like Joshua is not easy, stating that the boy doesn’t like noise, walks on his tip toes and prefers to associate with teenagers and adults, instead of his peers.


“He doesn’t like children his own age and only likes teenagers and adults…Joshua doesn’t like loud noises and always walks on his tiptoes,” he said.

Joshua Beckford is currently writing a children’s book on ancient Egypt. He plans to become a Neurosurgeon and an Astronaut.

Nigerian-American Boy Rotimi Kukoyi Gets Accepted Into More Than 15 Top Universities

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian-American boy residing in Alabama, USA, recorded an impressive feat, gaining admission into 15 of the top US schools.

The boy, Rotimi Kukoyi, received scholarship offers of about two million dollars (approximately more than 800 million Naira).


The teenager, whose father is an immigrant, chose to further his studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill after having the privilege of choosing between some of the best US schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Standford, and John Hopkins University.

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