Fayose: Travails of a serial Olut’agbamole

Yorubas, by extension Africans, are renown for respectfully revering their elders, both indoor and in the public, in words and in actions. However, one gets to wonder what is amiss when one views the conducts of His Excellency, former Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose, who at every available opportunity, recklessly throws decorum to the winds.

For the avoidance of doubt, in the last few weeks, I have read with extreme disbelief many of his impish public releases against two of our revered Elders of Yoruba nation. Most especially is the worthless statement released on his official twitter handle against the Atoona Odua (Pathfinder) of Yorubaland, High Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George.

Across party or ethnic afflictions, it is now general belief that Dr Fayose’s penchant for disrespecting elders and reputable leaders of note, has turned into insanity and the set of people who elicit pity, are our so called Lagosians, who condemn Tinubu with utmost hatred because he is an atowunrinwa, kneeling on our necks in Lagos, but now trying to worship this disrespectful Ekiti man, as their leader. I simply cannot fathom what to ascribe this to, is it greed or covetousness?

It is even funny that Fayose’s treachery is coming up again at a time the masses are well prepared for an Otoge in Lagos State, and some PDP elements are trying to pull another alaileko to Lagos as their Leader. What a shame, what an irony of fate for some Yorubas. Though, the Ekitis are known to be cultured, it is unfortunate that Ayo is very uncultured. No doubt, many affirmed that some people simply lack moral values, neither do they have pictures of the elderly ones in their family.

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