Girl Aged 17 poisons parents over defilement allegations

A couple narrowly escaped death after their daughter poisoned their drinking water. This happened on Saturday in Bura, Tana River County. According to a report by Daily Nation, the 17-year-old girl decided to poison her parents after her mother sided and defended her stepfather in a defilement case she had petitioned to the elders.

The girl’s uncle reported that the girl had accused her stepfather who had repeatedly defiled her further threatening her with death if she dared to tell anyone about the incidents. He had been sexually molesting her ever since she was 13. The girl’s uncle further revealed to the Nation that the girl once fled from her parent’s home to live with him, but he did not disclose the reason why.

“She was always quiet and wanted to sit alone most of the time. She rarely spoke with her cousins and they never asked her about her personal issues,” said the uncle.

The girl later returned home after 6 months of living with her uncle. This was after her mother pleaded with her to go back home. The girl also revealed to the elders that her mother helped her carry out an abortion back in 2018 after informing her that her stepfather was responsible for the pregnancy. They later quarreled and the husband left only to return the end of 2019, and began sexually abusing the minor again in February this year.

When she petitioned her story to the elders, her parents were summoned to tell their side of the story. The girl’s mother however sided with her husband and condemned her daughter for being indisciplined. The case was later dismissed since the girl failed to prove the rape allegations. The girl got angered by her mother’s betrayal and rushed home where she allegedly laced their drinking water with poison and took off with her belongings never to be seen again.

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She then left a note behind that read; “Let us meet where God will settle our score a prove our innocence for absolute vindication.”

Her parents later on started feeling unwell after taking the water and her stepfather collapsed in the bathroom. An elder who was passing by to check on the family found them writhing in pain. He later called a well-known elderly herbalist who administered first aid before rushing them to a nearby private hospital. The herbalist further disclosed that the poison was a concoction used traditionally by farmers to hunt down buffalos and hippos further claiming that it was a very dangerous one.

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