How lawmaker, Ademorin Kuye, diverted constituency projects funds into personal use (Photos)

…See properties he acquired with Somolu constituency project money

For people like Ademorin Kuye, the lawmaker representing Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency, we are no longer sure what the meaning of representation is again.

It is naturally believed that a member of the legislature is a distinguished representative of his or her people at the national assembly but it comes as a shock that the habits and characters of Mr. Kuye is short of such.

While he begged and cried to the good people of Somolu to be their eyes and ears at the Nigerian national assembly, little did we know that aluwala ologbo e o ju lati kobe je lo. He was only pretender!

The good people of Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency never really trusted him but he was given the chance based on the benevolence of some party elders and the belief that everyone deserves a second chance.

It is however sad that Kuye did not only disappoint the people of Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency, but All Progressives Congress, APC, a party that stood up for him when no one believed in him.

The lawmaker, who would have spent just two years in office come May 29, 2021, has collected close to one billion naira (N1,000,000,000.00) on behalf of the people for constituency projects and yet he barely have anything to show for it.

Political pundits opined that while the masses are fixated on the Nigerian president for everything wrong in the system, it is high-time Nigerians focus on these lawmakers and demand for their stewardship.

“Kuye has only spent barely two years in government, and he had already stolen almost a billion naira belonging to the people of his constituency,” one analyst said.

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Specifically, Kuye was awarded a total of N100,000,000 to build ICT Centres for Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency. Rather than ensuring his constituents ripe the fruits of sending him to represent them by building these facilities, Kuye was alleged to have purchased just forty units of computer and shared them between his cronies; twenty for Somolu and the other twenty for Bariga.

“Kuye was given N54,666,000.00 to empower vulcanisers and procure machines for them in Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency. But contrary to reports that he didn’t buy anything, Kuye actually bought just 13 vulcanising machines! Do you know that each of those machines cost N109,000? Which means that the lawmaker pocketed close to N52million naira!” an anonymous source claimed.

In addition, it was also alleged that a total of N200million was given to him to install solar streetlights in Somolu/Bariga and another N30million for inner streetlights. The lawmaker did not install a single pole.

“The most inhuman of all the atrocities of the lawmaker was his refusal to provide school stationery for public schools in the constituency despite collecting N50million for the purpose. This man also collected N150million to build sickbays for primary schools in Somolu and Bariga and yet, he did nothing and kept the money,” the source added.

According to a document made available to theHeute, Hon. Kuye was also given a total of over N300million naira to sink solar-powered boreholes in Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency since he became a lawmaker but not a single borehole was installed. He initially collected N136,884,652 and then another N165,300,000.

“Hon. Kuye has abused his office and disrespected the people he was meant to represent. That man is not worthy of being tagged a leader!

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“When federal government awarded him N100million to cater for market women’s empowerment in Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency, Kuye selected only 80 women on each side and gave them N20,000 each. He pocketed over N96million.”

Instead of traits of leadership, our source stated that Kuye has continued to display traits of kleptomaniac behaviour to office. He suddenly started erecting private edifices at the detriments of the people like the ones on Awofeso Street, Shodimu Street, Obiwunmi Street, George Street and Pedro Street to mention few. The photos are attached here for easy recognition of these properties.

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