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I made him a millionaire on his birthday – Hushpuppi shares how he changed status of loyal follower

Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, has inspired his fans on social media after narrating how he changed the life of a follower who left a positive remark on a post he shared.

Hushpuppi started off by noting that he has been a victim of trolling and bullying on Instagram for many years. For this reason, Hushpuppi said there are times when he disables comments on his post, since what he does not see or read about has no way of hurting him.
However, some days ago when he was about to delete a post of a new car he acquired, Huspuppi said he noticed some followers trolling another follower who congratulated him for the new car and prayed for him.

Moved by the kind words, Hushpuppi said he took a screenshot and saved it for future.
He said: “Then I took a screenshot and saved it in my favs in my photo album so I can see it again, and remember to reach out to that awesome and amazing person who prayed for me regardless of his financial status and being called poor.”

Narrating further, Hushpuppi said he recently contacted the individual and found out that he was celebrating his birthday. To make the day special and appreciate him for his kind comments in the past, Huspuppi made him a millionaire.
Sharing the post, the urged others who may be reading to learn to always stay positive, as they never know who is watching.

Some weeks ago, we reported that Hushpuppi, took to social media to address religious yet stubborn Nigerians during the coronavirus pandemic.He lambasted those who still went to church despite the government’s order for people to remain indoors and self-isolate. Hushpuppi said that if such a person dies as a result of the virus, their pastor will only donate prayers for them.
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