Nigerians are happy people and there is something peculiar about them wherever they are found in great numbers; their love for party which is popularly known as owambe.

A typical Nigerian blood doesnt shy away from any opportunity to put on his or her dancing shoes and shake body to some local genres regardless of his status or class in any foreign society.

Party like this create a great avenue for them to also share what Nigerian politicians are busy using in dividing the country back home. Nigerians abroad mingle without consideration for tribal, religious nor political sentiments.

This character was recently exhibited in South East London, specifically on Peckham Street, when Lolak, a popular amala restaurant hosted them to a street party tagged Ikorodu Oga Day.

The party didn’t, however, fail to include all the characteristics of a typical naija (a term popularly recognised in Nigeria) street party of loud music, good food, hearty and healthy banter and lots of drinks.

See video above to feel what owambe in London looked like.

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