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Nigeria mourns lawyer in United State

As coronavirus continues to claim lives globally, Nigeria has again lost one of its citizens in diaspora.

A woman, simply known as Bunmi, has reportedly succumbed to the deadly virus in New York, United States.

As much as the friends were sad about her untimely death, it was more saddening as her family and friends grieved that her corpse may not be accorded the last respect according to her Yoruba tradition. No one is sure whether she would be bury or even cremated as the number of deaths due to coronavirus in the city soars past 18,000 and morgues are already out of space.

According to a funeral home director, Patrick Kearns, who has barely slept since the day he took charge of them, he knows there will be more.

“It weighs on you, having so many cases in your care,” he said. “The death rate is just so high, there’s no way we can bury or cremate them fast enough.”

The 46year old deceased lawyer, an engineering major, was alleged to have died alone as her husband was still awaiting visa to join her in London.


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